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Cold Storage and Logistics for Pharmaceuticals Products

Pharmaceuticals storage

A cold chain is a type of storage which is a temperature-controlled supply chain that is required to preserve and maintain perishable products like food items, chemicals and pharmaceutical products. It requires constant refrigeration of the product from the instance of its production, through its transportation, handling and storage, and right up to delivery.

Pharmaceutical cold chain management is an important aspect of the supply chain in the healthcare industry. The cold chain logistics services assist the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries maintain a continual stock of drugs from suppliers and distributors across varied locations. The sensitivity of these products is needed to be traced within the pharmaceutical supply chain.

The expansion of temperature controlled products is finding place more than twice that of non-temperature-controlled products, signifying the importance of cold chain is going to be in the pharmaceutical supply chain in the future. An additional role of cold chain is when the reinforcement of Good Distribution Practices (GDPs) and specifically, their insistence on temperature monitoring for all types of pharmaceutical products to ensure better quality assurance. This gradually streamlines the line between refrigeration-requiring products like biologics and those that didn’t require it like tablets.


Various Conditions to Store Pharmaceutical Products

Room Temperature: Most of the Pharma products storage and activities are done at the room temperature at 20 to 25 degree Celsius. The controlled samples are also stored in this temperature.

Cold Storage Conditions: 8 to 15 degree Celsius is popularly known as cool storage conditions. Some drugs degrade in room temperature. These drugs are stored in the cold storage conditions.

Criteria for selecting a cold storage system are 

  1. The temperature range and amount/ quantity of the medicine
  2. Temperature controls
  3. Fully air mapped and secure
  4. External temperature logging and data tracking
  5. Cargo placement (evade areas where temperature variation)
  6. The volume of medicinal product


Process of transportations of Pharmaceuticals

Organizing the product for transport to the shipper location – The chief transportation method may have temperature controlled storage facilities, but does the storehouse of the product is stocked up in prior for transportation have the same facilities.

Transportation to the shipper location – Refrigerated vehicles or passive cooling systems needed to be considered to confirm the drugs will not be infected en-route. Likewise, once the product arrives at the location the storage facilities will have to be required equipped to ensure the safety of the medicines.

Physical loading – Ground handling, closed storage, and potential delays need to be accounted accordingly. Furthermore, if an electrical connection is necessary, it is required to all of the touch points have a compatible connection.

During transit - At last, when the product is in the cargo hold of the aircraft or vessel – is it necessary to be sufficiently protected. The temperature management should be taken care of, and also the positioning of the cold storage unit is just as significant. Prevent storing the medicines near cargo doors and other cargo in general.  Sufficient moment around the product is often necessary to reach a stabilized temperature. uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X