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Types of Defoamer Formulations


A defoamer is a chemical additive used in industrial process liquids reduce and prevent foam formation. Defoamers are also known as anti-foaming agents. Foams cause problems in industrial processes, which can affect surface coatings and prevent containers from being efficiently filled. This additive is used to prevent foam formation as well as break foam that has already been formed.Defoamers have low viscosity and surface-active properties, which make them insoluble in foaming channels. They spread rapidly on foamy surfaces and possess low thickness. Defoamers find applications in industries such as construction, food processing, detergent, sugar, plastic, pigment, metal working fluid, paints, coating, inks, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, adhesives, water treatment, tyre and car polish. There are various defoamer formulations available to prevent and reduce foam formation. 


Types of Defoamers


1. Silicone Free Liquid Defoamers 


Silicone free liquid defoamers are effective in water based and solvent based systems. Various industries buy defoamers belonging this class as they control foam regeneration, don’t cause discoloration and can be used in formaldehyde sensitive systems. Silicone free liquid defoamer suppliers supply these to industries such as paints, coatings, resins, rubber, photographic chemicals, adhesives, metal processing, etc. There are various types of silicone free liquid defoamers manufactured specially for general applications with good defoaming properties. Many industries buy silicone free liquid defoamers as they give the desired results. These range of antifoaming agents are eco-friendly and therefore safe to use, which have balanced composition, precise pH value and long shelf life.


2. Silicone Based Liquid Defoamers


Silicone based liquid defoamers are composed of functional additives and non-ionic surfactants. Various surfactants are used in the manufacture of silicone antifoams. Silicone based liquid defoamers constitute functional additives and non-ionic surfactants. These defoamers can either be aqueous, non-aqueous or both cationic, which depends on the type of surfactant used, whether it is non-ionic, amphoteric or anionic. Many end users buy silicone based liquid defoamers due to their surface tension altering property. Many industrial users buy silicone defoamers and combine it with hydrophobic solids to increase the defoaming effect.


3. Silicone Free Powder Defoamers


Foam can lead to decreased plant efficiency, loss of valuable products and damage of goods. Various industries buy silicone free powder defoamers to break the foams as well as control foam regeneration. Silicone free powder defoamers suppliers supply it in the dry form for the manufacture of products. Framing systems’ companies buy defoamers and use it in very small concentrations. Various industries buy silicone free powder defoamers for use in cement admixtures, wettable agrochemical powders and dry flowable agrochemicals. Silicone free powder defoamer suppliers supply the chemical to various industrial manufacturers, distributors and end users as they are eco-friendly and bio acceptable. These range of defoamers are widely bought due to their cost and work efficiency. They are stable in the framing system and storage.


4. Silicone Based Powder Defoamers


Silicon based powder defoamers are composed of silicone antifoam compound. Many industries buy silicon based powder defoamers for numerous manufacturing applications. Industries such as adhesives, agriculture, construction, detergents, oil well refining, paints, inks, coatings and textiles buy silicon based powder defoamers from silicon based powder defoamers suppliers. These silicon based defoamer formulations have excellent defoaming action and are given preference for their lasting defoaming power and stability in small concentrations. Silicon based powder defoamers are highly effective in controlling foam in foaming systems with less dosage.

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