Energy Efficient Range of HRS FUNKE Plate Heat Exchanger

HRS Process Systems Ltd. is the trusted heat transfer technology provider to a range of process sectors across India and has exclusive rights of manufacturing, design, supply and service of PLATE HEAT

HRS Process Systems Ltd. is the trusted heat transfer technology provider to a range of process sectors across India and has exclusive rights of manufacturing, design, supply and service of PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER (PHE) in collaboration with FUNKE Warmeaustauscher Gmbh. Funke is a leading company in quality heat exchangers, having a state-of-the-art facility in Germany focused on plate heat exchangers.

The construction of a PHE is the stack of embossed plates with suitable portholes fitted parallel to each other, resulting in equal fluid distribution on each side. Each plate is separated from the next with a gasket which separates the two and seals the flow gap from the atmosphere. The heat transfer plates separate two fluids and avoid mixing of process and utility fluids.

There are a variety of corrugation patterns designed on heat transfer plates, which can be selected for specific applications to achieve higher heat transfer rate and optimum pressure drops. These plates allow different heat transfer area with acute and obtuse angled corrugation. Heat transfer plates are mostly produced in AISI 316 L as this material is generally more corrosion resistant than AISI 304.

Titanium is used depending up on the nature and corrosive properties of process/ utility fluid and hastelloy is used for highly resistant acids and chlorides. HRS Funke also offers a wide range of plate sizes designed for a range of processes right from pharma, chemical to power, marine, shipping, etc sectors.

The heat transfer plates comes with double gaskets in the entry and exit area with leakage groove between two media, it prevents the media from mixing if the gasket leaks. The installation of gaskets is depending upon the design and type of plate heat exchanger, it comes with two different types ie. ‘adhesive’ and ‘clip-on’ gasket.


Following are the various types of gaskets available for suitable processes:


HRS FUNKE PHE comes in following different models:


Gasketed plate heat exchanger:

This is the most widely used variant of PHE which consists of a set of embossed plates fitted adjoining to each other and each plate separated by a gasket. This is used for most oil, water, etc applications. The gasket, which is mechanically secured or glued onto every plate, ensures that the flow gaps are securely sealed to the outside and from the second medium involved in the heat exchange. Also for different compositions and corrosive properties, the best fit material of construction of plates and gaskets are used.


Brazed plate heat exchanger:

Consists of embossed plates, fit into one another and vacuum brazed with copper, nickel or stainless steel to form a compact and pressure proof unit. It is designed for applications like cooling of lube oil, condensing in refrigeration plant


Cladded plate heat exchanger:

This is a well researched in-house design where the fixed plate and pressure plates are cladded with stainless steel or similar metals to make the outer surfaces compatible with process and utility fluids. This is effective in food, dairy, brewery and similar hygienic applications.

Thermodynamically optimized designs make HRS FUNKE PHE an efficient and cost effective equipment for the heat transfer industry. Depending on the conditions of use, the plates and gaskets can be replaced, added, removed and re-assembled several times. HRS Funke PHEs are low investment and lower in operation and maintenance cost well. They have self cleaning quality due to highly turbulent flow behavior.


It can also be used for smallest temperature difference

HRS PSL has extensive service support network all across India. PHE spares ie. gasket, plates etc. as required are easily made available to our customers. HRS PSL provides following service support solution to enhance productivity -

  • Servicing of PHE at site
  • Root cause detection for PHE malfunction
  • Deputation of HRS personnel at site
  • Expert telephonic and online support
  • Performance validation of PHE


HRS PSL, part of UK based HRS group of companies, is at the forefront in innovative thermal process technology. HRS group is equipped with a strong network all across the globe in UK, Spain, USA, India, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. With a well equipped ISO and ASME certified design and manufacturing set-up in India, HRS PSL empowered to supply heat exchangers and systems to the domestic and international geographies.

HRS FUNKE PHE is one of the most reliable thermal processing equipment for a wide spectrum of processes adding to the accountability on HRS PSL as an innovative and trusted brand in the heat exchangers market.



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