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TETD is an ultra fast accelerator. TETD gives more scorch delay compared to TMTD. TETD has wide applications as a primary accelerator, secondary accelerator and even as a sulphur donor. During vulcanisation with TETD, no free sulphur is formed, and this gives TETD a use as an accelerator / sulphur donor in applications where e.g. silver and copper reactions with free sulphur are not wanted.

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WESTCO BZ is a rubber accelerator for natural and synthetic rubber and latex. It provides fast cures at low temperatures.

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TETD closely resembles TMTD in its applications. However, it is less scorchy. Due to its low melting point, excellent dispersion in soft compounds can be achieved. TETD is used as a peptizing agent in sulfur-modified polychloroprenes. It is also used as a additive for paint&coating industry.

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TBBS–70G is a delayed action accelerator suitable for natural rubber and synthetic rubber;produces vulcanizates with high modulus and high tensile strength.

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Acetanilide is used as an inhibitor in hydrogen peroxide and is used to stabilize cellulose ester varnishes. It has also found uses in the intermediation in rubber accelerator synthesis, dyes and dye intermediate synthesis, and camphor synthesis. It is used as a precursor in the synthesis of penicillin and other pharmaceuticals.

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