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1-Heptene is used as an additive in plastic industries.

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1-Methylcyclopropene is a is a cycloalkene used as a synthetic plant growth regulator. It is structurally related to the natural plant hormone ethylene and it is used commercially to slow down the ripening of fruit and to help maintain the freshness of cut flowers.It is a volatile gas at standard temperature and pressure with a boiling point of ~12 °C.It is used in enclosed indoor sites, such as coolers, truck trailers, greenhouses, storage facilities, and shipping containers. It is also being developed as a new crop protection technique.

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1-Pentene is used as an additive in plastic industries.

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2-Amino-2-ethyl-1,3-propanediol is a primary amino alcohol.It is used in synthesis of surface-active agents, vulcanization accelerators, pharmaceuticals and as a emulsifying agent for cosmetic creams and lotions, mineral oil and paraffin wax emulsions, leather dressings, textile specialties, polishes, cleaning compounds.

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4,4-Diamino Diphenyl Sulphone is used as an additive in the polymer industries.

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4,4-Dichlorodiphenyl sulfone

4,4-Dichlorodiphenyl Sulfone is used as an additive in polymer industries and also in laboratories for the manufacture of various substances.

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