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Provichem 2011

Provichem 2011 is an additive used to enhance chain branching and cross-linking in polyester fibres. It can also be used as an ester solvent for fine chemistry and as a plasticizer in polyvinylfluoride resins.

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Pyrofax D Super

Pyrofax D Super is a blend of biocides, dispersants and anti-oxidants carried in aromatic naphtha. It acts as a complete fuel oil conditioner and stabilizer. It is the complete and balanced marine diesel additive for every circumstance and provides valuable operating assurance and reliability.

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QC SURE TRAC is a polymeric grit coating additive that provides traction in potentially slippery conditions. It is a blend of powdered, modified polymers used primarily with solvent base sealers, but can also be mixed into water-based sealers. QC SURE TRAC is as an anti-skid additive generally used for kitchen floors, commercial entry areas, steep inclines, pool and spa decks.

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Qc Flattening Agent

Qc Flattening Agent is a silica based powder designed to reduce the final level of gloss in sealers. It is used to turn acid-stains into a gel for use around stencils. QC fLaTTeNINg ageNT has a shelf life of one year.

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RESIKON FLEXL – SEAL is used for filling the cracks on wall, roofs and tanks. It is reduces water ingress.

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RUCO-COAT AD 7040 is an antimicrobial agent with a wide range of application for textiles. It is designed for the finishing of tentings and awnings with FC-water-repellent agents.

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Reduced Erbium Metal Purified 99%

Erbium metal by reduction method, distillation method

Er REM 99.9%

rare earth metal

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SALGARD is used for treating animal feed and feed ingredients to selectively control pathogenic gram-negative bacteria whilst sparing beneficial bacteria so creating a more favourable microbial balance. Its long acting effect helps ensure clean feeds remain free from recontamination. The benefits are it provides cost effective microbial control, it preserves feed quality and further it has significant cost saving energy effect.

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SATIN 108 ADDITIVE is an additive that is complimentary to the sulfuric acid based tin plating process. SATIN 108 ADDITIVE is specifically designed for components that require burn-in process after plating.

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SC 5D is a diesel fuel additive which is to be added in 1:2000 proportion in diesel. It atomizes the fuel hence improves spray quality by injector in combustion chambers thereby improving power generated by same quality of fuels. It improves viscosity index which helps in smooth flow of fuel and acts on main bonding of carbon chain in diesel to form lowest level bonding results in complete combustion.

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