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Calcium Nitrate

Calcium Nitrate is a colorless salt that absorbs moisture from the air and is commonly found as a tetrahydrate. It is mainly used as a component in fertilizers but is found in other applications.

Cobalt Chloride

Cobalt chloride, also known as cobaltous chloride or muriate of cobalt, is an inorganic salt, mostly used in organic synthesis methodologies as a source of cobalt. and also used in agriculture.

Ammonium Bisulphate

Ammonium Bisulphate is a white, crystalline solid and mainly used as a weaker alternative to sulfuric acid.It can be further neutralized with ammonia to form ammonium sulfate, a valuable fertilizer.

2-Nitrophenol Industrial Grade <98.00%

Light Yellow coloured free flowing non uniform crysals, with intense phenolic odour.

The product undergoes a distillation. 

Sodium Salt of 4-Nitrophenol Industrial Grade <80%

Bright Yellow Coloured Free Flowing Crystalline Solid

- Used to manufacture 4-Nitrophenol
- Used as key Raw Material for a product called 'Atonik'
- Used as a key Raw Material for Plant Growth Regulators
- Used as an intermediate in the Pharmaceutical Industry


GAIN is a complexed carboxylic acid based bio stimulant which provides an assured performance and better yield enhancement. The important merits are it acts as anti stress & stimulator for plant, it champions vigorous plant growth, it turns down dropping of fruits and causes abundant flowering, it boosts resistance against diseases and pest attacks, it positively impacts upon the quality as well as the quantity in terms of the crop yield and further it musters endurance in the face of stressful conditions like climatic changes and scorching.

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I-Soap is a contact insect soap formulation that works by smothering and dehydrating insect. This disrupt the cell structure and permeability of their cell membrane and fungicide for the control of soft bodied insects like aphid, thrips, caterpillar, leafminer, mealybug, scale, mites, sprider, whitefly etc. I-Soap when used as a soil drench, can control root mealybugs. It also can prevent and control powdery mildew.

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AMAZING is a bio-pesticide, bio-degradable, non- toxic and non-polluting based on oligosaccharides which is extracted from animal source. The important merits are it defends against nematodes, it is an ideal safeguard against fungal diseases like early and late blight, stem rot, root rot and wilt amongst others. It spurs certain plant hormones that in turn impel root formation, stem growth, fruit formation and development and further it is responsible for promoting disease-free and early vegetative flourishing as well as enhancing germination when used for treatment of seeds.

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BIOGROW is a natural organic amino acid based bio stimulant with plant nutritional regulator functions. It provides the plants with required readily available amino acid thus helping plant to save its energy on biosynthetic process and making plants utilize the same energy for other better plant development during the other critical stages. The merits are it serves as chelating agent and adds to the capacity of nutrients usage in the plant and further it raises the size, enhances the shape, weight, hue, shine and shelf-life of the fruits. It also perks up seed germination and healthy plant growth.

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Chargex is an innovative and modern bio-stimulant for stimulation growth & increase in yield with high quality. It is recommended for foliar & soil application for all vegetables, groundnut, grapes, cotton, oilseed and chillies & to every types of fruit for stimulating growth, promotion of flowering & thus increase in yields. The amino acids, vitamin & protein rich base incorporated in its constitution gives a healthy and vigorous growth with quality & quantity yield. Chargex brings about overall vegetative growth of plants. It increase the number of flowers and fruits. It also helps in increasing the size, luster on fruits and also increase the shelf life of produce.

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