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L-Proline is one of eighteen kinds of amino acid that form protein in human body. Under room temperature, it appears colorless to white crystal or crystalline powder. It is with slightly stink and slightly sweet flavor.It is easily soluble in water, hardly soluble in ethyl alcohol, not soluble in diethyl ether and n-butyl alcohol.L-Proline is a kind of important amino acid that form protein in human body, the critical material for amino acid transfusion and also the main intermediate for compounding captopril, enalapril and other first-line antihypertensive drugs.It has been widely applied in food, medicine and other industries. L-Proline applies corn fermentation.L-Proline omits all kinds of chemical reagent added in synthetic process so that it is safer. It is applied in amino acid injection, compound amino ccid transfusion, food additives, nutrition supplement infusion, etc.L-Proline is applied in biochemical research; in medicine,it is applied in malnutrition, protein deficiency disease, stomach disease, scald and protein supplement after surgery.It is used as nutritional supplement.As special flavor agent, when it is mutually heated with sugar, it may appear amidogen-carbonyl reaction and generate special flavor component.L-Proline is used as amino acids drug. It is one for materials for compound amino acid infusion solutions applying in malnutrition, protein deficiency disease, serious gastrointestinal tract disease, scald and protein supplement after surgery.


L-Glutamine is the amide of glutamic acid. L-glutamine is a coding amino acid in protein synthesis, a kind of non-essential amino acid of mammal and can be transformed and formed from glucose.It is white crystal or crystal power; soluble in water, not soluble in methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, ether, benzene, acetone, chloroform and ethylacetate; odorless, slightly sweet tasted.L-glutamine is used as a nutritional supplement in food processing. What’s more, L-glutamine is a critical nutritional supplement for body building exercise and amateur. It (hereinafter referred to as glutamine) is the most abundant free amino acid in muscle and nearly covers 60% of the volume dose of free amino acid in human body. L-Glutamine concentration in fasting plasma is 500-750umol/L. The glutamine is not essential amino acid. It can be compounded by glutamic acid, valine and isoleucine in human body. L-Glutamine is a critical fuel of immune system that can strengthen the function of immune system.

acetic acid

acetic acid

Acacia gum

We are manufacturer supplier of arabic gum in various forms like
Mechanical Powder
Spray Dried Powder
Our available grades are suitable to be used in industries right from Food and Beverages, Cosmetics and Pharma, Confectionery, Non-Food industries.
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Glycine USP 99%

Glycine is one of amino acids. It is a colorless, sweet-tasting crystalline solid. Glycine is typically sold in two grades, USP and technical grade. USP glycine has a wide variety of uses, including as an additive in pet food and animal feed, in foods and pharmaceuticals as a sweetener/taste enhancer, or as a component of food supplements and protein drinks.
Product: Glycine (aminoacetic acid)

CAS NO.: 56-40-6

Molecular Formula:  C2H5NO2

Molecular Weight:  75.07

uses: food, feed, drug,agriculture

supplier: premium ingredient co.,ltd

L-Valine USP 99%

L Valine is a branched-chain essential amino acid that has stimulant activity. It promotes muscle growth and tissue repair. It is a precursor in the penicillin biosynthetic pathway.


Product: L-Valine

Cas no.: 72-18-4

Molecular Formular: C5H11NO2

Molecular Weight: 117.15

uses: feed, food, drug

supplier: premium ingredient co.,ltd

Riboflavin USP 99%

Riboflavin, also known as vitamin B2, is a water-soluble vitamin,



CAS number:  83-88-5

Molecular Formular: C17H20N4O6
application:it is widely used as food and feed additives

Grade: BP/USP/EP/FCC, feed grade, food grade

dl-alanine USP 99%

Premium ingredient co.,ltd is a professional manufacturer or supplier of dl-alanine, Which is a kind of amino acid, widely used in food process industry and pharmaceutical industry.

1. In pharmaceutical industry, DL-Alanine is a amino acid which is building block of protein. Alanine is an important source of energy for muscles and central nervous system, strengthens the immune system, helps in the metabolism of sugars and organic acids, and displays a cholesterol-reducing effect in animals.

2. In food process industry, DL-alanine is as nutrition supplements and seasoning to serve the foods.

2.1 With the special sweet taste, dl-alanine can improve taste of artificial sweetener, organic acid and vinegar. It is also used in pickled vegetables and pickle.

2.2 As acid improver and buffer, dl-alanine could be used in wine or soft drink to improve the taste.

2.3 With the antioxidant, dl-alanine could be used in a variety of food processing, such as oil, egg yolk sauce, grains, soy sauce dipping food, rice bran preservative food, instant noodles etc. to improve the flavor and prolong the shelf life.

Product: DL-Alanine

CAS NO.: 302-72-7

Molecular Formula:  C3H7NO2

Conforms to: AJI, USP, FCC


l-threonine USP 99%

Threonine is an essential amino acid. It is found in eggs, milk, gelatin, and other proteins. It’s important for the nervous system, threonine also plays an important role in porphyrin and fat metabolism and prevents fat buildup in the liver. Useful with intestinal disorders and indigestion, threonine has also been used to alleviate anxiety and mild depression.

Product name: L-Threonine

Cas No.: 72-19-5

Packing: 25kgs/drum net

uses: feed, food, drug

supplier: premium ingredient co.,ltd


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