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Anabond 340

Anabond 340 pipe sealants eliminate the use of PTFE tapes. It prevents leakage and loosening the joints due to vibration. It withstand pressure up to 400kg/cm². It is used for sealing all threaded joints in hydraulic, pneumatic and steam pressure lines, etc.

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Anabond 610

Anabond 610 are safer and superior pre-cut gaskets. It fills surface irregularities and provides leak proof joints. It have resistance to wide range of chemicals, oils and fuels and withstand pressure up to 120 kg/cm².

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SONLOK 3290 weld sealant is an anaerobic sealant which prevents porosity leaks in the welds of sprinkler system fabrication and repairs porosity leaks in the field. It fills all voids or imperfections and cures to form a permanent plastic seal that prevents potential leaks. Cure is initiated by the absence of air and the presence of metal, and begins to occur when the sealant wicks into the imperfections.

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SONLOK 3555 pipe sealant uses unique anaerobic technology with Teflon to prevent leaks in sprinkler systems. It is widely used in fabrication and installation to replace pipe dope and sealing tapes with durable and reliable seal. The sealant provides an instant seal of 1,000 psi and a cured seal that surpasses the burst rating of most of the pipes.

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SONLOK 3565 is an anaerobic pipe sealant with paste like consistency. The anaerobic sealant cures in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces. It develops controlled strength to facilitate disassembly. The excellent thixotropic property prevents migration of the sealant before or during curing. It is ideal to seal water, gases, LPG, Hydrocarbons, Oils and other chemicals. It is a widely used pipe sealant for variety of industrial applications such as Petroleum refining, gas compression and distribution industries, power plants, chemical processing, textile machinery, waste treatments, paper plants etc.

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THREEBOND TB1303 is an anaerobic reactive adhesive/sealant which has been specially developed for locking and sealing threaded parts and fittings with high strength when cured. It cures spontaneously when sealed off from contact with the air between close fitting metallic surfaces. It also eliminates mechanical locking parts such as spring or toothed washers, nylon nuts etc. Typical Applications are to permanently lock and seal stud bolts, various nuts, bearings, gears and pulleys that will not require subsequent dis-assembly.

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Anabond Thread Locker

Anabond Thread Locker eliminates conventional locking methods like lock plates, star and spring washers and nyloc nuts. It produces fail-safe fastener assemblies to withstand heavy vibration. Cured adhesive retains tightened torque. This type of anaerobic adhesives provide a 100% leak free seal. It is used for locking threaded screws, studs, bolts and nuts of various sizes and shapes.

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Anabond Bearing Retainer

Anabond Bearing Retainer is formulated in a selection of viscosities, gap-filling ability and in strength characters. It is easy to assemble the components with clearance or transition fits. It dampens vibration and provides even distribution of load. It can be dismantled by using normal tools. It is widely used for retaining cylindrical parts such as bearings, bushes, shafts, gears, cup plugs and splines etc.

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