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Hydriban 9028 is a strong liquid foam control agent designed for efficient foam and entrained air control. Hydriban 9028 is recommend for wastewater systems where low BOD-COD levels are desired.


Hydriban 9021 is a defoamer blend designed for use in a variety of industrial, municipal and food processing wastewater treatment foam control applications. Hydriban 9021 is especially effective at biological foam control in aeration basins and digesters.

Antifoam SSCPL 350 Technical

It is customized defoamer/antifoam for water base application.

We can also supply for oil base application as well. If Prospect require customization as per their requirement, we can do same. 


AF1206 is a silicone based antifoam.It has high antifoam activity,easily dispersed in water.


 It is the raw material for a wide variety of products. Manufacturers of the plastic polypropylene account for nearly two thirds of all demand. It is also used to produce isopropanol, acrylonitrile, propylene oxide and epichlorohydrin.


Olklin-AF is used as an antifoaming agent in water treatment process.


Trans-290 is broad-spectrum antifoam demonstrating effectiveness in a variety of applications. It excels in evaporative wastewater treatment, and is a strong performer versus numerous types of detergent foam. It is particularly effective in the agriculture industry to control foam in herbicides and spray adjuvants.It is a water-based emulsion containing a complex mixture of silicones and non-silicone active ingredients.Trans-290 is readily dispersible in water with gentle mixing, and is generally more rinsable than a conventional silicone antifoam.It is suitable for pre-harvest agricultural applications.

Defoamer C

Defoamer C is an effective water treatment antifoam which is suitable for cooling water, effluent and boiler water treatment. The de-foaming emulsion has proved quite effective at reducing the risk of carryover for boiler houses where carryover and priming have been a long standing issue.

Properties Suppliers

Trans-2935 is a water-based antifoams utilizes low levels of chemically modified silicones in conjunction with non-silicone defoaming polymers to deliver outstanding foam-combative performance.It is designed for performance in difficult to defoam products and processes.It is used in coatings to wastewater to chemical manufacturing,cleaning products, as well as for controlling foam after rinsing out the tanks following production,pre-harvest agricultural applications for the purpose of defoaming herbicides and other adjuvants,and can be used in the manufacture of paper and paperboard.


Trans-2977 is an industrial-grade antifoam emulsion containing approximately 65% active defoaming ingredients, of which most are silicones.It is used in destroying anionic foam associated with cleaning products and their manufacture, is highly rinseable, and is a suitable antifoam for the manufacture of food-grade paper.Trans-2977 eliminate and prevent excessive foam include quick dispersibility and a high degree of spreadability in the foaming system.


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