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HiTEC 7197G

HiTEC 7197G is an antiwear additive which is a thermally stable, mixed alcohol, all primary, zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate. It provides wear protection and antioxidant performance in lithium, lithium complex, and other types of grease thickeners.

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HiTEC 833

HiTEC 833 is an ashless antiwear additive containing phosphorus and sulfur. It is very effective in many industrial lubricant and grease applications where the presence of zinc is undesirable or ineffective. It is especially useful for reducing fretting wear in grease and suitable for use with a variety of grease thickeners.

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NA-LUBE AW-6010 is an ashless light colored antiwear additive.It will help reduce tool wear and can enhance surface finish of the work piece.

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NA-LUBE AW-6110 is an ashless rust and corrosion inhibitor and antiwear additive.It is especially suited for formulating ashless lubricants that require high load carrying capacity (FZG) and rust protection.

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Stearic Acid

Stearic acid is the saturated fatty acid with an 18 carbon chain. The salts and esters of stearic acid are called stearates. Stearic acid is useful as an ingredient in making candles, plastics, dietary supplements, oil pastels and cosmetics, and for softening rubber.It is used to harden soaps, particularly those made with vegetable oil. Stearic acid is used in aerosol shaving cream products. It is used in adhesives, hot melt adhesives.

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Tricresyl Phosphate

Tricresyl Phosphate is an organophosphate colorless, viscous liquid and insoluble in water. It is manufactured by using cresols with phosphorus oxychloride. Tricresyl phosphate is used as an additive in engine oil, gasoline, plastics, rubber, varnishes, antiwear, lubricants and lubricant fluids.

Zinc Dialkyldithiophosphates

Zinc dialkyldithiophosphates are a family of coordination compounds invented by Castrol that feature zinc bound to the anion of dithiophosphoric acid. These uncharged compounds are not salts. They are soluble in nonpolar solvents, and the longer chain derivatives easily dissolve in mineral and synthetic oils used as lubricants. The main use of ZDDP is in anti-wear additives to lubricants such as greases, gear oils, and motor oils. It serve also as corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants.

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