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Acacia gum

We are manufacturer supplier of arabic gum in various forms like
Mechanical Powder
Spray Dried Powder
Our available grades are suitable to be used in industries right from Food and Beverages, Cosmetics and Pharma, Confectionery, Non-Food industries.
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Corial Binder CW

Corial Binder CW can be used as the sole binder in various formulations for base coats. It provides soft finishes with good coverage and with excellent pattern retention.

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Corial Binder FB-UB

Corial Binder FB-UB is a soft, acrylic binder that forms a transparent film with brilliant look and good gloss. It can cater to season coats on all types of articles, especially with aniline requirement.

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Eco Ground G-1/ G-11

Eco Ground G-1/ G-11 is an impregnating resin in the solution form.

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Eco PU-2000

Eco PU-2000 is an anionic dispersion of the aromatic polyurethane.

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Lepton Binder AE

Lepton Binder AE is a compact binder that has been specially developed for use in base coats applied to corrected-grain upholstery leather. The leather responds very well to embossing at temperatures of up to approx 100 °C without any danger of the plate cutting through the film.

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RATNA BINDER 760 is an aqueous anionic polyacrylate dispersion. It produces very soft, elastic and slightly tacky film in finishing of leather. It produces fine grain break when used as impregnation binder. It is also suitable for suede leather in pad & spray applications. It has very finely divided particle size for excellent impregnation. It can be used for impregnation and in base coat for full grain leather.

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VECOSOL BINDER U 010 is a very soft water based aromatic polyurethane resin, developed to promote good adhesion not only on the leather, but also between the different coating layers. Levelling, together with absorbing power are excellent with every kind of leather, avoiding also leather stiffening. It gives also a fine break on full grain leathers. It develops good water resistance. It can be added as soft adhesion binder to liquid dyes to enhance colour brilliance, as it is not necessary to add big quantities of solvents or penetrating agents. It can be also diluted in water-miscible solvents and in some organic solvents.

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VECOSOL BINDER U 315 is a soft polyurethane binder, especially developed for garment leather. It gives to the leather softness and fullness with excellent adhesion and water resistance. After milling, the leather keeps a very natural aspect. As it is a very soft binder, it can be used together with other resins and auxiliaries.

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VECOSOL BINDER U 509 is a medium-soft polyurethane binder, which is suitable as main binder for water based full grain coverings and top coats. Its properties are it is water, solvent and heat resistance and these properties are improved by proper cross-linking. It has high flexible characteristics for good embossing and dry milling properties. The finished leather keeps a very natural grain aspect.

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