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Dioxygen Difluoride

Dioxygen Difluoride is a aggressive fluorinating compound of fluorine and oxygen with the molecular formula O2F2. It exists as an orange solid that melts into a red liquid at -163 °C. It is an extremely strong oxidant and decomposes into oxygen and fluorine. Dioxygen Difluoride's major uses are to bleach pulp and paper and disinfect sewage and drinking water.

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PEPATON-PH is no silicate stabilzer for hydrogen peroxide bath in alkaline media.

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Sodium Chlorate

Sodium Chlorate is an industrial salt produced from water and common table salt in a reaction with electricity. It is hygroscopic. It decomposes above 300 °C to release oxygen and leave sodium chloride. Sodium Chlorate synthesized by passing chlorine gas through a solution of sodium hydroxide. It is then purified by crystallization. Sodium chlorate is used as a non-selective herbicide. It is considered phytotoxic to all green plant parts. It can also kill through root absorption. Sodium chlorate is largely used by the pulp & paper industry to produce chlorine dioxide, which is used to bleach wood pulp for the manufacture of higher quality and environmentally friendly white paper products.

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Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium Hypochlorite is an alkaline, corrosive, light yellow solution. It is formed when caustic soda (NaOH) and chlorine (Cl2) react. It is widely used for its bleaching, disinfecting and oxidizing properties. Sodium Hypochlorite shows, as well as chlorine, a very high reactivity and oxidizing power, but as a solution it is much easier to handle than chlorine. Sodium hypochlorite reacts with hydrochloric acid to release chlorine gas. It decomposes when heated to form sodium chlorate and sodium chloride. Sodium hypochlorite reacts with most nitrogen compounds to form volatile chloramines, dichloramines, and nitrogen trichloride. Sodium Hypochlorite is used as bleaching agent for textile fibers and paper,surfactant, swimming pool disinfectant, drinking and process water disinfectant,oxidizing agent and in production of cleaning and disinfecting agents.

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Sulfurous Acid

Sulfurous Acid is a chemical compound. It is an intermediate species in the formation of acid rain from sulfur dioxide. Sulphurous Acid is the strong acid produced by dissolving sulphur dioxide in water. It is also widely used in pulp and paper industry.Sulfurous Acid is a reducing, as well as a bleaching agent.

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glycolic acid Technical 70

Glycolic Acid 70% technical grade is a very useful product for manufacturing industries and electronics cleaners; oil and water tube descaler and well-flow enhancers, pH control products,  automotive oil additives and chemical intermediates.  Glycolic Acid 70% Technical Grade is a solution of 70% Glycolic Acid and 30% water.

hydrochloric acid Industrial Grade 33-35%

1.  Appearance                                             Water white

2.  Hydrochloric Acid % By Mass                  33? 35% (33 % Minimum Guaranteed)

3. Specific Gravity                                          1.155 to 1.171

4. Iron ( As Fe)                                                0.5 ppm Max

5. Sulphite                                                      15 ppm Max

6. Free Chlorine, ppm                                     20.00 Max

7. Lead                                                            Nil

8. Mercury (as Hg); ppm                                 Nil

9. Residue on Ignition                                     50 ppm Max

10. Fluoride as F                                            10 ppm Max

11. Dissolved Chlorine                                   20 ppm Max

12. Arsenic                                                     Nil

13. Cadmium                                                  Nil

14. Calcium                                                     Nil

15. Copper                                                      Nil

16. Magnesium                                               Nil

17. Sodium                                                      Nil


Packing & Supply:          250/275 kg HDPE drums UN/IMDG approved.

                                        1150 Kg IBC tank UN/IMDG approved.

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Hydrochloric Acid classified as simplest chlorine based strong inorganic acid. The large-scale hydrochloric acid production is done using hydrogen chloride and water. Hydrochloric Acid has a pungent smell with HCl as the formula. It is the ingredient in various household cleaning products, used to prepare other organic compounds like vinyl chloride, bisphenol A, ascorbic acid, used in the regeneration of ion exchange resins. Buy Hydrochloric Acid online from Shreejo Exim Corporation who deals with various industrial chemicals. We supply chemicals at the best quality and affordable price.