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Brass Gold Brass Salt

Brass Gold Brass Salt is an alkaline cyanide based brass salt which gives rich yellow golden deposit. The process can be used in both barrel and vat.

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E-Brite B-150

E-Brite B-150 is the ultimate cyanide brass plating process. It plates twice as fast as any other cyanide brass process. It is a single additive process with excellent throwing power that produces a lustrous, highly desirable yellow-green, 70/30 brass color. Flashing over nickel plating produces a super bright brass finish.

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E-Brite BPA

E-Brite BPA is an alkaline, chromate-based passivating solution for brass, bronze, copper and silver. It is used cathodically after plating to prevent spotting and bleed-out and preserves the original color of plated surfaces.

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Zeeco Brass Salt

Zeeco Brass Salt gives golden Yellow colour resembles to gold colour deposit. Water soluble salt with specific gold colour deposit. It can be applied on nickel or white bronze. Zeeco Brass Salt very well blended of cyanide salt with Cu & Zn metal Cyanide salt to achieved golden colour deposit with the presence of grain refining agent.

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