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AMYLEX is used in mash and cereal cooker applications, these liquefying α-amylases secure efficient starch extraction and liquefaction and reduced viscosity. AMYLEX is having certain key benefits like better extraction,efficient starch liquefaction,cost-efficient adjunct cooking.AMYLEX mainly used for brewing and potable alcohol production.


Exalase is produced by fermentation of a selected strain of Bacillus subtilis and contains alpha-acetolactate decarboxylase activity. In classical lager fermentations withouth the use of Exalase, alpha-acetolactate is slowly converted to diacetyl by rising the temperature at the end of main fermentation and diacetyl is reduced by yeast to acetoin during the maturation period. Exalase can be used to catalyze the decarboxylation of alpha-acetolactate directly to acetoin since the beginning of excretion of alpha-acetolactate by yeast.


Desatase is an amylolytic preparation (EC, pullulan 6-glucano-hydrolase) which catalyzes the hydrolysis of the alpha-1,6 linkages of amylopectine allowing to reach higher maltose yields in combination with maltogenic amylases. It may be added in the beginning of the mash.It can be used alone to enhance the malt native ß-amylase action by hydrolysing the alpha-1,6 linkages of amylopectin. Or it can be used in combination with Glucosylase or Maltosylase. It may also be added to the fermenter in association with a maltogenic enzyme like Maltosylase. Both enzymes preparations are inactivated after 1-2 Pasteurisation Unit.


Endoinase is a mixture of vegetal endoproteases standar-dised to 500 tyrosine units with a proteic hydrolysate. The endoproteolytic enzymes hydrolyse proteins, peptides, amides, amino-acids esters, preferently of basic amino-acids, leucine and glycine. It's purpose is to increase the free amino nitrogen content when brewing with high levels of raw wheat.


LIQUAMYL-B is a liquefying alpha-amylase working at 65-75°C. LIQUAMYL-B is ideal to liquefy the granules of starch during mashing giving higher wort filtration yields, higher extract yields and brighter worts. LIQUAMYL-B is used to liquefy quickly gelatinised starch of any origin,to prepare starch for further saccharification with malt, Maltosylase or Sorgamyl allowing to reach higher levels of maltose,to improve the wort filtration yield when unliquefied starch is involved in wort filtration problems.


LIQUAMYL-T is a thermostable liquefying a-amylase working at high temperatures (90-100°C).LIQUAMYL-T is ideally used to liquefy quickly gelatinised starch of any origin by working at high temperature,to prepare starch for further saccharification with malt, Maltosylase or Sorgamyl allowing to reach higher levels of maltose,to improve the wort filtration yield when unliquefied starch is involved in wort filtration problems,to reach higher extract yields and brighter worts.


ROHAVIN MX is a liquid enzyme complex especially suitable for the skin maceration of white grapes or for making rosé wines. Its highly-specific pectinases primarily break down the soluble pectin and thus improve preliminary juice extraction.

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Glucosylase is an exo-1,4-alpha-D-glucosidase (amyloglucosidase EC. from Aspergillus niger which catalyzes the hydrolysis of the alpha-1,4 and alpha-1,6 linkages of starch producing glucose. It is used in the production of glucose syrups and to increase wort fermentability.Glucosylase may be added in the brewhouse at mashing-in, however as the normal mash pH (around 5.7) is far from the Glucosylase optimum pH (around 4.5) and as the alpha-1,6 linkages are hydrolyzed slowly we recommend to help Glucosylase by adding Desatase (alpha-1,6 debranching enzyme, see Desatase technical leaflet). In this case we can achieve apparent attenuations of 90-95%.


ROHAPEC PTE is a fruit juice processing enzyme used for manufacturing purees and concentrated purees, especially from peaches and apricots. It is also suitable for pulp washes and cloudy peels, and can be used to manufacture purees and concentrated purees from tropical fruits like mangoes, passion fruits, and bananas. ROHAPEC PTE is ideal for increasing the extraction of juice from raw material, increasing processing efficiency during pressing, solid settling or removal, and generating a final product that is clear and visually attractive. ROHAPEC PTE can also be used to manufacture carrot juice or concentrate in order to increase the yield of juice and beta carotene.


ROHAVIN CXL is a special liquid enzyme blend of pectinase and cellulase, particularly suitable for the processing of olive oil. Because olive oil has high-molecular pectins and hemi-cellulolytic substances, it is used to degrade those substances and molecules to improve the separation of olive oil and yield. This product is also suitable for the production of red wine. Its fusion process of grape cells results in the accelerated release of colors and improves color extraction.

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