Bulk drugs intermediates are compounds used in manufacturing medicines


isoquinoline Technical >98%

Product Name: Isoquinoline

CAS Number: 119-65-3

Synonyms: Leucoline;Fema 2978;2-Benzanine; Isochinolin; 2-Benzazine; Isoquinolin; Isoqinoline; Isoquinoline; Isochinoline; Benzopyridine

Molecular Formula: C9H7

Molecular Weight: 129.16 g/mol

Appearance: Colorless or slight yellow clarity oily liquid 

Assay: >=98%; 99% 

1.A kind of Spice 
2.Mainly used for the preparation of vanilla spice. 
3.Used in the production of pesticides, medicine, rubber accelerator, color film sensitizing agent, dyes, anion exchange resin and so on.
4.Used as gas chromatographic stationary liquid and analytical reagent, 
5.Used in the pharmaceutical industry.
6.Used for the production of drugs for prevention and treatment of schistosomiasis (praziquantel), antimalarial, chemical reagents, etc. 
7.Isoquinoline can be oxidized to produce Pyridine carboxylic acid And Its derivatives can be used for the production of color films and dyes. It can be used as Iron preservative, soluble phenolic resin curing agent, etc. Its Addition compounds formed with metals can be used for the quantitative determination of nickel and cadmium and the qualitative determination of noble metal. Isoquinoline can also be used as a catalyst in the benzoylation reaction and polymerization of α-olefin.

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2-methylquinoline Technical >98%

Product Name: 2-Methylquinoline

CAS Number: 91-63-4 

Molecular Formula: C10H9

Molecular Weight: 143.19 g/mol

Assay: 99%(min) 

Appearance: Yellowish oil-like liquid 


HNMR,COA and MSDS are available.

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2-Nitrophenol Industrial Grade <98.00%

Light Yellow coloured free flowing non uniform crysals, with intense phenolic odour.

The product undergoes a distillation. 

1,3-dibromo-5-chlorobenzene Technical >98%

Product Name: 1,3-Dibromo-5-chlorobenzene

CAS Number: 14862-52-3

Synonyms: 1,3-Dibromo-5-Chlorobenzene; 1-Chloro-3,5-Dibromobenzene; 3,5-Dibromochlorobenzene; 1-Chloro-3,5-Dibromobenzene, Recrystallised Grade; 1-Chloro-3,5-Dibromobenzene,97%; 3-Dibromo-5-Chlorobenzene; 1,3-Dibromo-5-Chlorobenzene[3,5-DibroMochlorobenzene]

Molecular Formula: C6H3Br2Cl

Molecular Weight: 270.35 g/mol

Appearance: White or light yellow crystalline

Assay: >=98% 


HNMR,COA and MSDS are available.

trans-1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol Technical 98%

Product Name: Trans-1,4-Cyclohexanedimethanol

CAS Number: 3236-48-4

Synonyms: Trans-4-Cyclohexanedimethanol; Trans-1,4-Cyclohexylenedimethanol; Trans-1, 4-Di(Hydroxymethyl)Cyclohexane; Trans-1,4-Cyclohexanedimethanol; Trans-1, 4-Bis(Hydroxymethyl)Cyclohexane; 1,4-Cyclohexanedimethanol (trans); trans-1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol, 98%; trans-1,4-cyclohexanedimetha

Molecular Formula: C8H16O2

Molecular Weight: 144.21 g/mol

Assay: 98%

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Trans-1,4-Cyclohexanedicarboxylic Acid Technical 98%

Product Name: Trans-1,4-Cyclohexanedicarboxylic Acid Monomethyl Ester

CAS Number: 15177-67-0

Synonyms: Trans-1,4-Cyclohexanedicarboxylic Acid Monomethyl Ester; Trans-4-Carbomethoxycyclohexane-1-Carboxylic Acid; 4(Methoxy Carbonyl) Cyclohexane Carboxylic Acid; Trans-4-(Methoxycarbonyl) Cyclohexanecarboxylic Acid; (1r,4r)-4-(Methoxycarbonyl) Cyclohexanecarboxylic Acid; Methyl Trans-4-Carboxycyclohexane-1-Carboxylate; Trans-4-(Methoxycarbonyl) Cyclohexane-1-Carboxylic Acid; Trans-1,4-Cyclohexanedicarboxylic Acid Monomethyl

Structural Formula: Trans-1,4-Cyclohexanedicarboxylic Acid 15177-67-0

Molecular Formula: C9H14O4

Molecular Weight: 196.21 g/mol

Appearance: White or off-white powder

Assay: >=98%

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Quality Standard: BP/USP/EP/CP/JP

Physical and Chemical Properties: White crystal or crystalline powder,with acid taste and is stable in dry air,slowly hydrolyze into salicylic acid and acetic anhydride.Its solution shows and acid reaction.Sparingly soluble in alcohol,chloroform or ether,slightly soluble in water or absolute ether,it dissolves in alkali hydroxide or alkali carbonate solution and decomposes at the same time.


Assay: 99.50-101.0%

Clarity and color of solution: Clear and colorless

Heavy metals: ≤20ppm

Free salicylic acid: ≤500ppm

Sulfate: ≤0.1%

Loss of drying: ≤0.5%

Addition Material: ≤0.1%

Appearance: white crystal or crystalline powder.

Usage: This product is an antipyretic ant rheumatic that is used to allay fever, headache, arthralgia, acticerheumatism, and rheumatoid arthritis. Toothache and dysmenorrhea and as raw material for making anti-carcinogen.



25kg / kraft bag or fibre drum

25kg / package with paper or polyethylene bag inside

1 MT = 40 Packages

Packing size: 50*80cm / kraft bag;  36*40 cm / fibre drum

Capacity / 20"FCL:

without pallet: 20 MT / 800 Bag , 1.6CBM/MT;  15 MT / 600 Drum, 2.1CBM / MT

with pallet: 18 MT / 720 Bag , 11 .25MT / 450 Drum

Our company may produce and pack according to customer's requirement.




Acetamide is the simplest amide derived from acetic acid. It is used as a plasticizer,wetting,penetrating agent,industrial solvent and drug intermediate.

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1) Cyanamide 98% solid. Colourless crystal. Assay 98% min. 2) Cyanamide 50% solution. Light green to yellowish liquid. Assay 50% min.


Tryptamine is a monoamine alkaloid found in plants, fungi, and animals. It is based around the indole ring structure, and is chemically related to the amino acid tryptophan, from which its name is derived. Tryptamine is found in trace amounts in the brains of mammals and is believed to play a role as a neuromodulator or neurotransmitter.

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