Bulking Agents makes food Increase in their volume weight



KB-85 is used for low grade paper, Enamel paper etc.


Inulins are a group of naturally occurring polysaccharides produced by many types of plants. Inulin is increasingly used in processed foods because it has unusually adaptable characteristics. Its flavour ranges from bland to subtly sweet .It can be used to replace sugar, fat, and flour.

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KB-115 is used for middle and high grade paper, Enamel paper etc.


pectin is produced commercially as a white to light brown powder, mainly extracted from citrus fruits, and is used in food as a gelling agent particularly in jams and jellies. It is also used in fillings, sweets, as a stabilizer in fruit juices and milk drinks and as a source of dietary fiber.

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AZ-LITE has a low glycaemic index, which means it is suitable for products being developed for diabetics and Atkins diet followers. And with a slightly higher viscosity than sugar, low fat products including AZ-LITE will have a fuller texture and better mouthfeel.

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Maltitol is a sugar alcohol. It is made by the hydrogenation of maltose. It is used to replace table sugar because it has fewer calories. It is used as a low-calorie sweetening agent,pharmaceutical excipient.

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Mannitol is an organic compound. It is used to induce osmotic stress in plants.Mannitol is used for dehydrant and diuretics in acute oliguric renal failure, re­duce intraocular and intracerebral pressures, enhance urinary excretion of some toxins,used as an irrigating solution during transurethral prostatic resections. It is used as the analytical reagent, and it is also used in the resin and the drugs synthesis.

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Beta Glucan

Beta Glucans are polysaccharides of D-glucose monomers linked by β-glycosidic bonds.β-Glucans are a diverse group of molecules that can vary with respect to molecular mass, solubility, viscosity, and three-dimensional configuration.Beta glucan is a unique polysaccharide composed of glucose molecules extracted and purified from the cell wall of common baker's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is used to maintain or stimulate the effectiveness of the immune system.β-Glucans occur most commonly as cellulose in plants, the bran of cereal grains, the cell wall of baker's yeast, certain fungi, mushrooms and bacteria.It is ideally suited to reduce fat in mayonnaise, dressings and dips as opposed to traditional starches.

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Carnuba Wax

Carnuba Wax is a wax of the leaves of the palm Copernicia prunifera.Carnauba consists mostly of aliphatic esters,diesters of 4-hydroxycinnamic acid ω-hydroxycarboxylic acids, and fatty acid alcohols.Carnauba wax can produce a glossy finish and as such is used in automobile waxes, shoe polishes, dental floss, food products such as sweets, instrument polishes, and floor and furniture waxes and polishes, especially when mixed with beeswax and with turpentine.It is the main ingredient in surfboard wax, combined with coconut oil.It is the finish of choice for most briar tobacco or smoking pipes. It produces a high gloss finish when buffed on to wood.It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry as a tablet-coating agent.

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Polydextrose is a food ingredient classified as soluble fiber and is frequently used to increase the non-dietary fiber content of food, replace sugar, reduce calories and reduce fat content.

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