Buy cadmium plating chemicals protects cadmium metals from corrosion


E-Brite C-135

E-Brite C-135 is a single additive cyanide cadmium brightener with tremendous throwing power that produces a smooth ductile deposit, with an exceptional white brilliance that approaches silver plating in appearance.

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Cadmium Hydroxide

Cadmium hydroxide is an inorganic compound. It is a white crystalline ionic compound that is a key component of NiCd batteries. The hydroxide is used in place of cadmium oxide for variety of operations.

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Cadalbrite Cadmium

Cadalbrite Cadmium is an easy to operate cadmium system which produces a bright uniform ductile cadmium deposit. The process protects iron and steel parts against corrosion, non- ferrous metals subject to surface tarnish and corrosion and those which form undesirable galvanic couples in assembly may be cadmium plated. A nitric acid dip or chromate dip can be given after the plating to enhance the finish. The system can be used for both Vat and Barrel plating.

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