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P-Toluic Acid

P-Toluic Acid as chemical intermediate is widely used to prepare finish product in the manufacture of medicines, agricultural chemicals, organic synthesis and dyestuffs as well as optical brighteners.

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m-Toluic Acid

m-Toluic acid is an aromatic carboxylic acid. It is used as a raw material of DEET which is used as a a broad-spectrum insect repellent and film formers. It is also used in manufacturing polymer stabilizers, pesticides, light sensitive compounds and other organic chemicals.

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o-Toluic Acid

o-Toluic acid can be used for spices, m-cresol, pesticides fungicides phosphorylaminopropyl, vinyl chloride polymerization initiator MBPO, color film reagent organic synthesis intermediates.

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Formic acid Technical 85%

1, Purity: 85%

2, Pakage: 25/35/1200 kg drums

Iron(III) Acetylacetonate Industrial Grade >98%

Iron(III) acetylacetonate : Cas No.:14024-18-1
Synonym: 2,4-Pentanedione iron(III) derivative, Fe(acac)3, Ferric acetylacetonate, Iron(III) 2,4-pentanedionate.
Linear Formula Fe(C5H7O2)3
Molecular Weight 353.17

1-(2-chloroethyl)-7-methoxynaphthalene LAB GRADE 98

Located in Hangzhou,HANGZHOU HEXO CHEMTECH is specialized in marketing of fine chemicals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, excipients and other chemicals of Chinese origin.

2-(7-Methoxy-1-naphthyl)ethylamine hydrochloride LAB GRADE

7-Methoxy-1-naphthaleneethanamine HCl

7-Methoxy-1-naphthaleneethanamine HCl

2-(7-Methoxy-1-naphthyl)ethylamine hydrochloride LAB GRADE 98

CBNumber: CB32462100
英文名称: 2-(7-Methoxy-1-naphthyl)ethylamine hydrochloride
中文名称: 2-(7-甲氧基萘-1-基)乙胺盐酸盐
MF: C13H15NO.HCl
MW: 237.73
CAS: 139525-77-2
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