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Glycolic Acid Technical 70%

Sagar Speciality Chemicals (Pvt) (Ltd) has been the leading supplier of Glycolic Acid Technical 70% and used used in many personal care and cosmetics products and is the most popular active ingredient in anti-aging formulations with strong consumer recognition.


VERSENE 100E Chelating Agent is an aqueous solution of the tetrasodium salt of EDTA. It is widely used in agriculture, cleaning products, metalworking, oilfield applications, personal care products, polymerization, pulp and paper, scale removal and prevention, textiles, water treatment etc. It improves the performance, appearance and shelf life of a wide variety of soap and detergent products.

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VERSENE 100 XL Chelating Agent is an aqueous solution of the tetrasodium salt of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. It is manufactured to high purity specifications designed to limit any impurities, such as NTA and glycolate. It is widely used in cleaning products, metalworking, personal care products, pharmaceuticals etc. It enhance performance and shelf life in bar and solid soaps, laundry products, hand dishwashing liquids, commercial dishwashing formulations and carpet cleaners.

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BEER GLASS CLEANER is a highly concentrated detergent that can be used in restaurants and bars. It is a blend of chelating and sequestering agents, suspending agents and speciality detergents. It should be used at a concentration of 2-5% solution (20-50 grams per liter) for most glass washing applications.

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Nitrilotriacetic Acid

Nitrilotriacetic acid is a very good fixing agent in the dye industry. And it is worked as, in the styrene production, stabilize the agent role and the role of catalyst and complexing agents, etc in the production of polyurethane foam. It is a colourless solid that is used as a chelating agent widely used in cleaning processes and detergent applications.

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