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Polyethylene Wax Emulsion

Polyethylene wax emulsions for paints and printing inks.

Power Silk 880 Volumetric Solution <60%

Concentrate Silicone Emulsion - Power Silk 880


Power Silk 880 Concentrate Silicone Emulsion an identical product of Wacker Powersoft 180


Application: All type of Textile Materials (Textile, Fabrics, Knits, Denim, Woven, Cotton, Blends, Synthetic )  


·         All purpose silicone softener

·          Imparts smooth silky  

·          Assists crease recovery 

·         Goods compatibility 

·          APEO / NPEO Free 

·         Low yellowing

·         Dilute stable

·         Ultra clear emulsion


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Lithium 12 Hydroxystearate Technical 96%

The Lithium 12 Hydroxystearate is used as a gelling agent in manufacturing of multipurpose grease, which offers broader range of operating temperature than grease using Aluminum or Sodium Stearate, also by using 12 Hydroxy Lithium Stearate gives grease the property of high drop points, water resistant, very improved transparency and excellent elasticity and recovery. The particle size of the product is made to order.

sodium carboxy methyl cellulose Purified

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose is a natural polymer with wide application.


CMC  is white or slightly yellowish fibrous powder, or white powder in appearance. It is odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, easily soluble in cold or hot water to form colloid and the solution is neutral or slightly alkaline. Sodium carboxymethyl Cellulose's aqueous solution has many excellent properties such as film-former, thickening, dispersing, suspending, adhesive, colloid protecting and water-retaining.


Due to its properties , CMC has widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, toothpaste, papermaking, oil drilling muds, textile chemicals, paint and construction, ceramic glaze, detergent, personal and skin care products, battery, welding electrode, iron ore pelletized, wall paper adhesives, etc..

styrene acrylate co ply Technical 50%+/-1

GUNJCRYL 7650 i t b d di i / l i f li
:- – is a water based dispersion emulsion of acrylic styrene copolymer. It is a surfactant stabilized colloid free emulsion. It gives hard, tough, flexible and glossy film, excellent wet scrub and abrasion, excellent pigment loading characteristics and alkali resistance.
Physical Appearance :Bluish Translucent Emulsion
Solis Content % :50+/-1
Viscosity at 30 °C :20 - 60 Ps
pH :8 – 10
MFFT :18 °C (approx.)
Glass Transition :23 °C (approx.)
Mean Particle size :0.12μ
Free Monomer :<0.3%
FILM CHARACTERIESTIC:- Hard, Tough, Clear, Flexible and Abresion Excellent & Wet scrub abrasion, Excellent pigment loading characteristics, alkali resistance

GUNJCRYL – 7650 can be used for producing semi gloss to matt finish emulsion paint, for application of Masonry, concrete, wood and other interior and exterior architectural structure.GUNJCRYL – 7650 being hard and tough breathable polymer with very good exterior durability, it is well suited for exterior texture paint. It has very good binding capacity to hold texture aggretates. It has special surfactant system and its capability to form tight film enables it to resist subfactant
efflorescence effectively.Texture film based on GUNJCRYL – 7650 do not hold on to dirt and hence keeps film clean. It is highly water resistance, combined with excellent UV resistance that gives it exterior weather ability properties.GUNJCRYL - 7650 can also be used as a binder for Non- Woven fabrics. It can be applied by dipping, roller or by spraying. Regd.

Store in sealed containers in dry condition at temperature between 15 – 30 °C,away from direct heat sunlight dust and moisture Protect from ice Containers once opened should be shut tightly to
heat,sunlight,moisture. ice.prevent contamination.Stocks should be used on a first in, first out basis. Don’t mix with other products without consulting us / doing your own test to determine it’s suitabilily, as it can lead to incompatibility
and other related problems.
50 Kgs HDPE open top carboys and 220Kgs HDPE Drums with Export Standard.
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Polyisobutylene Succinic Anhydride ( PIBSA )

PIBSA, an intermediate product used to produce chlorine-free dispersants, is manufactured using highly reactive polybutene with a thermal process. PIBSA can be used in emulsifiers.

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