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Triethyl Phsophate Industrial Grade

Triethyl Phsophate is a colorless liquid. It is the triester of ethanol and phosphoric acid. Triethyl Phsophate a polymer resin modifier, and a plasticizer (e.g. for unsaturated polyesters).In smaller scale it is used as a solvent for e.g. cellulose acetate, flame retardant, an intermediate for pesticides and other chemicals, stabilizer for peroxides, a strength agent for rubber and plastic including vinyl polymers and unsaturated polyesters, etc.


KF-10 is a ketone formaldehyde resin widely used in nitro-cellulose paints, vinyl chloride copolymer systems, adhesives, printing inks, ball-point pen pastes, toner, pigment, hot melt compounds, PU-systems, varnish paints for surface treatment of wood, metal and paper. It has compatibility with drying and non drying short oil alkyds dissolved in aromatic solvents and gives very good gloss in flexo inks when used with non-reactive polyamides.

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ALPIMER N is a naphthalene sulfonic acid formaldehyde resin which is used as a cement dispersant. It provides improved chemical and abrasion resistance, it prefabricates in concrete, and can be used in masonry and self-leveling mortars and provides cement reduction. The technical effects include reduction of micro and macro cracks.

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ALPIMER MS is a new synthetic resin based on sodium salt of chemically-modified melamine formaldehyde polycondensates with excellent dispersion properties for concrete, cementitious mortars, gypsum and anhydrite. It provides a strong superplasticizing effect on fresh concrete without air introduction or a very high water reduction.

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EBAC SP1802 resins adhere to and are compatible with a wide range of materials including paper, polyolefins, oriented polyolefins, polyesters, ionomers, PVdC, unplasticized PVC and other polar polymers. These resins are less crystalline and softer than polyethylenes. They are non-corrosive at extrusion temperatures and have excellent thermal stability over the full processing temperature range.

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EBAC SP1806 is an ethylene butyl acrylate copolymer designed for extrusion coating and laminating. It can also be compounded as an impact modifier or used in highly filled applications.The resins are less crystalline and softer than polyethylene and offer compatibility and adhesion to typically difficult to bond to polymers. It is non-corrosive at extrusion temperatures and has excellent thermal stability.

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EMAC SP2205 resins adhere to and are compatible with a wide range of materials including paper, polyolefins, oriented polyolefins, polyesters, ionomers, PVdC, unplasticized PVC and other polar polymers. It is used as heat seal layer, adhesive layer, or modifier for cost/performance enhancement. They are soft, pliable and tough at ambient and freezing temperatures and exhibit excellent ESCR. Further these polymers exhibit high solids fillability and compatibility with a wide range of polymers.

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Bisphenol A Tar

Bisphenol A Tar - BPA Tar is used in Phenolic resin formulations, as a cost effective replacement of Phenol in Phenolic Resin manufacturing.

resin Purified

We are manufacturers and suppliers of the major Gum Rosin (Indian N – Grade), Make the product available at the most cost effective prices. Moreover, our professionals assure to pack this rosin in exceptional grade packaging material to ensure their safe transportation at the clients' doorsteps.

  • Printing inks
  • Photocopying and paper manufacturing
  • Rubber manufacturing
  • Varnishes
  • Adhesives (glues), soap, soda and sealing wax
  • Rosin Grades : WG, N, B

Sizes Availabile : 200 Kgs in casks

Packaging In : Small tins also available 17 kgs & 15 kgs Tin packing.


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