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ASHCROM G70 is a chromate conversion coating used for aluminium surfaces to produce yellow finish for paint bonding, corrosion resistance and decorative finish. Aluminium can be treated by immersion of dipping brush or spray application to get this chromate coating.

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DECORRDAL AL 33-1 is a liquid, single component chromating agent for immersion and spray process. The properties are it forms on aluminium and galvanized parts a chromate layer which protects from corrosion and improves the paint adhesion and further it provides an intensive yellow layer, depending on the kind of aluminium alloy. Prior to chromating the parts have to be degreased or pickled.

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DECORRDAL AL 45 ST is together with TONER AL 45 ST a 2-component chromating agent for the treatment of aluminium and its alloys prior to a painting. DECORRDAL AL 45 ST and TONER AL 45 ST form on aluminium and its alloys a chromate-fluoride-phosphate layer which protects against corrosion and improves the paint adhesion. The colour of this layer varies depending on the alloy and the treating time between green-iridescent and dark green.

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zeolites FOOD GRADE

Oxygen scavenger packets protect packaging from mold, mildew, oxygen, moisture. Pharmaceuticals basic properties and qualities like color, taste etc. remains as they are. They are harmless and 3 time its weight in oxygen. 

We are expertise in manufacturing highly efficient oxygen scavenger packets as the power desiccant agents to adsorb the oxygen from range of pharmaceuticals.

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