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Venwet A

Venwet A is an amphoteric emulsifying cum dispersing agent for use in leather industry. It is based on imidazoline derivative. It can be used in the pickle or chrome tannage. In the pickling it helps in dispersing natural fats and accelerates pickling process. In chrome tannage it helps in dispersion of chrome tanning salts.

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Venwet - M

Venwet - M is a unique wetting agent, which combines cleaning and emulsifying properties, with high stability to electrolytes, for use in leather industry. It is based on an amino acid derivative.

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Venwet - S

Venwet - S is a versatile nonionic wetting, washing and emulsifying agent, based on alkyl phenol polyglycol ethers, for use in leather industry.

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TRICOWET JU is a nonionic wetting agent and detergent. Its field of application includes all wet operations, emulsifying and scouring untanned and chrome tanned wool skins. In addition to its wetting properties, it has excellent dispersing and emulsifying properties.

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Venwet - DW

Venwet - DW is a superb detergent and wetting agent based on anionic polyglycol ethers, and finds use in soaking, bating and wetting back applications in leather industry.

Eusapon FB-WT

Eusapon FB-WT is a wetting agent particularly suitable for accelerating the wetting back process along with removing the dirt during soaking, deliming and bating.

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VICALAN NT 953 is a degreasing, wetting, penetrating, emulsifying and dispersing agent used in leather industries.

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RATNA DEGREASOL OD is high performance and eco-friendly degreasing, soaking, liming and deliming agent. It is very effective degreasing agent for all types of leathers and fur skins. It is universal in its application as it can be used in all stages of leather and fur processing. Its performance is unaffected by pH. It shows high emulsion stability at any pH and extremely low dosage is required. It is readily biodegradable & very much eco-friendly due to its low dosage.

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RATNA DEGREASOL WB is an efficient degreasing agent, based on anionic polyglycol ether blends containing very small percentage of special solvent. It finds use in the degreasing of pelt, wet blue hides and skins and EI tanned leathers. Besides being an effective degreasing agent, removes patches in back bone dyeing of suedes and disperses chrome efficiently.

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sodium sulphide flakes Technical 60%

Shipment for sodium sulphide 60% 1500 PPM red color.

supplying SODIUM SULPHIDE FLAKES for leather, tannery, mining and etc. If any demand, please contact me ASAP. Thank you.
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