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Clear Seal

Clear Seal is a crystal clear, high performance co-polymer sealant designed for sealing and adhering a wide range of domestic and commercial materials. Clear Seal exhibits exceptional flexibility and durability and is formulated to exhibit non-sag characteristics. It can be used in metal, glass, masonry, timber and ceramics, roof & guttering, window frames and seals, stone and brick works, timber joints, shower screens, sinks and basins and polycarbonate roofing.

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XtraBond 2500

XtraBond 2500 is a co-polymer sealant & adhesive and the product is engineered to deliver excellent adhesion and performance with a wide variety of roofing substrates, tile, concrete, clay, slate, pre-painted metals, masonry, stone, aluminum, and sheet metal without the need of a primer. Its advanced ultra-clear chemistry provides a highly durable bond that will not crack, and is ideal for applications that are exposed to high winds. The product cures quickly and provides a smooth, paintable surface.

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Selleys Blockade

Selleys Blockade is a neutral cure multi-purpose solvent borne copolymer rubber based sealant offering good all round performance. It is available in grey colour and cures to a flexible rubber with good adhesion to most building materials. It can be used on metals, most plastics, painted and unpainted timber, and masonry substrates. It can be used on many wet substrates. Some applications include sealing or repairing roofs, awnings, skylights, ceramic tiles, gutters and downpipes, around window frames, plumbing entrances, vinyl or aluminium siding and roof flashings, sealing leaks in caravans and recreation vehicles, and waterproof bedding for glass when reglazing windows.

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Selleys All Clear

Selleys All Clear is a clear neutral cure (non-corrosive) co-polymer multipurpose sealant, that provides long lasting protection by forming a clear flexible film on top of a surface that won’t crack or dry out. It is the solution to water leakage and seepage around the home. It is a high grade water resistant sealant.

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Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) MS Polymer Hybrid Polymers

Our silyl modified polymer (SMP) with Case Number: 216597-12-5, has the same function with Kaneka MS polymer and STP-E (Silyl-terminated polyether) of Wacker. It is also known as SMP, MSP, STP, MS Polymer, Silane modified polymers, Modified silane polymers, Silane terminated polymers, Silyl modified polyether, Modified silyl polyether, Silyl terminated polyether.

High performance resin, silyl modified polymers (SMP) are multifunction-terminated groups with special functional groups involved. They have excellent comprehensive properties combining the advantages of silicone and polyurethane polymers. Silyl modified polymers (SMP) are characterized by their environment-friendliness, moisture curing, weather resistance, storage stability , easy processing, as well as isocyanate and solvent free traits.

As the raw materials in bonding, silyl modified polymer (SMP) Hiposil x-series are predominantly used in elastic hybrid sealants and adhesives with no health risks from solvents, isocyanates or tin, and therefore meet the requirements of green development. These hybrid adhesives and sealants made of silyl modified polymer (SMP) are usually applied in the scope of building & construction, transportation, general industry and DIY.

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