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DURAL 100 is a two-component, 100% solids, moisture insensitive epoxy adhesive used as a bonding agent for precast segmental box girders, bridge and other segmental construction. It is a non-sag paste which is available in 3 formulations that cover a wide range of temperature applications.

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DURAL 452 GEL is a two-component, 100% solids, DOT non-corrosive, moisture insensitive, high strength epoxy adhesive and binder for numerous applications. This high modulus, structural gel is perfect for bonding applications that require a non-sag adhesive. The features are it provides exceptional adhesion to construction materials and provides superior strength. Its application include bonding of concrete, masonry, steel, or wood and further it can mix with sand to create a repair mortar.

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GOLDBOND 321 is a two component thixotropic solvent free, non-shrinking epoxy adhesive used for bonding bearings to concrete and to bond dissimilar materials, external plate fixings. It is also used for bonding precast post tensioned bridges and flyover segments and for sealing in between the segments.

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HL-5240 is used for door light gaskets, other demanding foam in-place gasket applications. It is used for hi-temperature applications and reduces creep and distortion in field applications.

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HM-1580 is a window corner key adhesive used in construction industry. It has proven high-strength performance.

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Nitobond AR

Nitobond AR is a modified acrylic emulsion which is specially designed for use as a bonding aid, curing agent and gauging liquid for cementitious systems. It is resistant to hydrolysis and can therefore be used for external application. It provides excellent bond to concrete, masonry, stonework, plaster and block-board. Further it improves tensile and compressive properties and can be simply brushed onto concrete as a primer.

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Nitobond SBA

Nitobond SBA is used for bonding precast concrete bridge segments to provide a structural and waterproof joint. It is also suitable as a gap filling paste and for grouting of starter bars, holding down bolts, etc, where a paste consistency material is required. It provides excellent adhesion to concrete, steel and most construction materials. It is moisture tolerant and can be applied to damp surfaces.

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Povidone PVP Technical 95% MIN

Properties:Polyvinylpyrollidone(PVP)Technical Grade products are existing as powder and water solution form,and being supplied in a wide molecular weight range,easily dissolve in water,alcohol and other organic solvents.They are highly hygroscopicity,excellent film-forming capacity,adhesiveness and chemical stability,none toxicity.

Applications: Technical grade PVP are being used Textiles/Fibers,Adhesives,Coatings/paintings,Laundry/Household detergent,Inks,Ceramics and other hi-tech industries.

*Dye transfer inhibition in detergents using PVP K15,K17 & K30 and/or its liquid product to complex fugitive.

*Textile dye stripping and strike rate control through compexation and dispersion with PVP K30 and/or its liquid product.

*Laundry detergents where PVP K30 inhibits soil redeposition.

*Emulsion polymerization where PVP K30 and or its liquid product latex stabilizer,functioning as a protective colloid,facilitates redispersion of a ‘broken’latex end-use application.

*Dispersions using PVPK30 & K90 and/or its liquid product for nonaqueous dye and pigment-based writing ink delivery systems.

*Hollow fiber membrane manufacture in which PVP K90 & K30 and/or its liquid product create voids any hydrophilic domains in polysulfone membranes.

*In oil filed cementing,where PVP K30& K90 and or its liquid productserve as fluid loss control agents.

*On lithographic plates using hydrophobic inks,where PVPK15 provides enhancement of the nonimage area.

*PVP K80,K85 & K90 and/or its liquid products in stearate-based adhesive sticks for arts and crafts applications.

*In fiber glass sizing,using PVP K30 & K90 and/or its liquid products film forming action to promote polyivnylacetate adhesion.

*As combustible ceramic binders,using PVP K30 & K90 and/or its liquid product to enhance green strength.

*PVP K15,K17,K30,K60 & K90 and/or its liquid products used in agriculture as binder and complexation agent for crop protection,Primary film former in seed treatment and coatings.


Safetech Safe Clear

Safetech Safe Clear is a solvent free, MS polymer-based, super transparent, elastic construction adhesive / sealant. It has excellent adhesion to most materials and is highly elastic and is suitable for interior or exterior use. It is used for adhering wood, glass, metal, mineral based substrates etc. The features are it is solvent-free, permanently elastic, transparent and non yellowing and it is free from isocyanate and phthalate.

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Selleys Liquid Nails Heavy Duty

Selleys Liquid Nails Heavy Duty is a multipurpose construction adhesive that delivers extreme strength in a shorter space of time. The product is specifically designed for those demanding high performance applications, like attaching heavy or bulky materials, paneling, stone tiles, timber and furniture. It has excellent resistance to water and weather makes it suitable for interior and exterior applications. It provides no slump or stringing, even when applying a bead to overhead surfaces and it is easy to extrude from the cartridge at low winter temperatures.

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