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BITONER TR-2080 is a thermoplastic, low molecular weight, slightly yellow C5 and C9 co-polymerized resin. Possessing the good characters of C5 and C9 hydrocarbon resin, it is characterized by its wide compatibility with EVA, SIS, SBS and other polymers, very light color, extremely low odor, low cloud point and good heat stability. It is especially suitable for Hot melt adhesives and rubber based PSA.

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C5/C9 Copolymerized hydrocarbon Resins 99.9%min

59C Series Copolymerized hydrocarbon Resins are thermoplastic resins, C5, C9 fraction of petroleum by-product of decomposition with processing pre-treatment, polymerization and distillation.

59C Series Copolymerized hydrocarbon Resins have advantages both of C5 and C9 petroleum resins:

Low acid value, good miscibility, waterproof, ethanol resistance and chemical resistance and other characteristics of acid resistance, chemical stability in acid-bases, adjustment in viscosity, good thermal stability, weather resistance and light aging resistance because of non-polar groups in its structure.

59C Series Copolymerized hydrocarbon Resins has good solubility in organic solvents especially in oil solvent, as well as good compatibility with other resins. It also has brittle, increasing viscosity, cohesiveness and plasticity.

Generally, they are not used alone, but used as accelerant , regulator and modifier together with other resins.


A.   59C Series Copolymerized hydrocarbon Resins can be used in hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesive and so on in adhesives industry . In adhesives Industry, 59C Series Copolymerized hydrocarbon Resins can not only provide better initial cohesiveness, but can also be used like rosin resins to adjust and improve viscosity durability and strength of mixture of glue and resins.

B.   Especially in radial tire with the effects of not only increasing adhesion between particles but also improving adhesion between particles and cord;

C.   Paint industry

D.   Ink industry

Rubber and Tyre Industry


ELEVATE EF522 is an ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer with 12% VA. It is designed for blown and cast films requiring excellent optics and low heat seal initiation. High melt strength makes this material an excellent choice for profile extrusions, molding, and foaming applications requiring medium VA content.

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ELEVATE EF545AW resin is a 4.0% VA ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer with high antiblock designed for stretch and other film applications where cold temperature performance and low C.O.F. are needed. This grade provides reasonable optics even with the high antiblock loading necessary to achieve the low C.O.F. Excellent cold temperature performance, toughness, and resistance to load deformation make EF545AW a wise selection for wrapping pallets stored in food freezers and other cold environments.

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EMAC+ SP1305

EMAC+ SP1305 is an ethylene methyl acrylate copolymer resin which adhere to and are compatible with a wide range of materials including paper, polyolefins, oriented polyolefins, polyesters, ionomers, PVdC, unplasticized PVC and other polar polymers. It is used as heat seal layer, adhesive layer, or modifier for cost/performance enhancement. They are soft, pliable and tough at ambient and freezing temperatures and exhibit excellent ESCR. These polymers exhibit high solids fillability and compatibility with a wide range of polymers. This facilitates their uses as bases for all-purpose concentrates for addition to a wide spectrum of polymers. The resin process like LDPE.

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EMAC+ SP1501

EMAC+ SP1501 is a 20% EMA copolymer designed for extrusion coating, compounding and blending where low viscosity, flexibility and strength are important. It provides excellent elasticity and low temperature performance. This resin is capable of very high filler loadings. A higher peak melting temperature than comparable EMA grades makes it a more viable choice for building products that are subjected to 180°F testing.

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Formolene 3320B

Formolene 3320B is a random copolymer which has a low melt flow random with excellent clarity, fast cycle time and easy mold release, designed for extrusion processing and thermoforming. It contains a unique combination of stabilizers and additives, which provides excellent process-ability and good end use performance.

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Formolene HB4903

Formolene HB4903 is a high performance copolymer that is designed for the most demanding blow molding applications. It is also utilized in many sheeting applications. This resin has exceptional stress crack resistance, excellent surface appearance, good melt strength and good process-ability.

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Moplen EP229R

Moplen EP229R is a PP heterophasic copolymer, designed to deliver processing and end-use benefits to today’s high-tech raffia products. It can be used in small woven raffia bags, PP woven canvas and can be used effectively for jumbo bags when customers require extra stiffness capabilities. It provides good adhesion between coating resin and substrate.

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Moplen EP6036

Moplen EP6036 is a high performance PP heterophasic copolymer which offers a good combination of properties and processability for coating. It has been designed to run effectively on new high speed machines and provides cost benefits for additional coating applications including: woven sacks, jumbo bags and paper.

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