Leather industry crosslinkers changes leathers physical properties, embossing behavior


Sorapret CLR

Sorapret CLR is used to crosslink polymer binders and aqueous top coats.

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Picassian XL-701

Picassian XL-701 is a multifunctional poly-carbodiimide crosslinker. It crosslinks carboxyl functional polymers at room temperature and is suitable for aqueous and solvent based systems.

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Picassian XL-706

Picassian XL-706 is a trifunctional azidirine crosslinker for waterborne and solventborne resins. It crosslinks carboxyl functional polymers at room temperature. It can be used in solvent or water based resins.

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Astacin Hardener CA

Astacin Hardener CA is a crosslinking agent for aqueous finishes based on polycarbodiimide. It enhances the pattern retention when the leather is embossed, imparts higher wet rubfastness and improved stability against hydrolysis. It brings about a substantial reduction in the tack of base coats and top coats that have been cross linked with isocyanate.

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Astacin Hardener CN

Astacin Hardener CN is highly concentrated isocyanate crosslinking agent for use in aqueous finishes. It is very easy to mix into finishes. It fulfills the highest standards of fastness.

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Sorapret Booster XLR

Sorapret Booster XLR is a polisocianate based crosslinker.

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