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Cryophos is a 3 in 1 action detergent which cleans, sanitises and descales dairy and bulk tank equipment. Suitable for automatic milking machines with or without programmers and can also be used manually by brushing or dipping. It removes brown iron stains from milk jars and stainless steel equipment.

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Circodine P

Circodine P is an alkaline chlorine powder used as milking plant detergent. The features are it is suitable for hot and cold washing, it is suitable for use in hard and soft water areas, it has low foaming formulation and further it is ideal for once a day milking systems.

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Del-Flow IP

Del-Flow IP is a non-foaming chlorinated detergent for effective 2 in 1 cleaning and sanitising of pipelines and dairy equipment. It is provided with added water softeners for use with hard water.

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FLO-LINE 17 combines very high detergency with good lubrication. Due to its ability to disperse milk fat deposits, coupled with its excellent lubrication characteristics, FLO-LINE 17 has for many years been particularly favoured by the dairy industry. Where dirty slats are a problem, FLO-LINE 17 is particularly recommended.

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Multisan CF

Multisan CF is a chlorine free liquid detergent suitable of use in milking plant or bulk tanks. The properties are it can be used hot or cold, it eliminates risk of TCM/ THM formation and further it is highly effective in hard water areas.

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Cryosan Liquid

Cryosan Liquid is specially formulated for use in milking parlours, for the circulation cleaning of pipelines, automatic bulk milk tanks and the manual cleaning of bulk tanks. Ideal for use at all temperatures and use in both hard & soft water areas.

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Glittersol Excel

Glittersol Excel is a superior quality high strength biodegradable dairy detergent with long lasting foam and excellent grease cutting action. It is a concentrated, blended non perfumed detergent, formulated for general purpose cleaning of hard surfaces, plant and equipment. It contains a concentrated blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants and ensures effective penetration and emulsification of all heavy fat and soil deposits.

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Milkstone Remover

Milkstone Remover is a 40% w/w acid solution. It dissolves and removes scale from hard water deposits and milkstone. Regular use of it ensures a high standard of quality milk production & prolongs the life expectancy of the milking equipment.

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Cryosan Plus Powder

Cryosan Plus Powder is a detergent specially formulated for use in milking parlours for the circulation cleaning of milking plants. Designed for use in both hot and cold temperatures and in hard & soft water areas. When used hot it reduces milkstone formation. Low foaming formulation with a high detergency action, making it ideal for all types of milking parlours equipment.

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