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Serpent is used as final rinse sanitiser and descaler. The features are it eliminates the need for acid descaling, it eliminates erratic water quality problems, the plant does not require rinsing after use, it can be used as a general farm disinfectant and further it has effect against foot and mouth, swine vesicular diseases, tuberculosis etc.

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Dezoline-F is a disinfection agent for use in cattle-breeding, poultry and animal husbandary establishments that contains 7.5% glutaraldehyde, 7.5% formaldehyde and 5% benzalkonium chloride as active ingredients. The features are it kills the uncapsulated new castle disease virus in 15 minutes, it kills infectious bursal disease virus antifungal hence useful in control of aspergillosis in chicks, it remove all the fixtures in the shed and further it clean the shed thoroughly.

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Dezsaniphor contains alkyl aryl polyoxyethylene iodine complex which provides 1.6% iodine. It is an excellent, prompt and effective microbiocide with a broad range of action on almost all pathogenic micro-organisms, viruses and protozoan cysts. It is used in poultry and dairy Industries, sericulture & food processing plants etc.

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Alkali-Kleen is used for effective cleaning and disinfection of all types of milking equipment, especially direct to line milking plants. It is used primarily after morning milking.

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Del-DX Tank Cleaner

Del-DX Tank Cleaner is a strong chlorinated caustic detergent disinfectant with superior clean properties for effective cleaning of direct expansion milk tanks. It provides very low foam.

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