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Hydribio 1805 contains a specially formulated range of adapted high-performance microorganisms developed for use in the biological wastewater treatment of greases, fats and oils. For example, cheese and milk processing applications. This product also contains surface tension depressants and penetrants which loosen and liquefy heavy grease deposits.


ASCENT liquid acid dairy detergent is a powerful blend of phosphoric acid with an inbuilt sanitiser primarily used for the removal of milkstone in milking machine plants. It is formulated for use in third line systems and is low foaming. The benefits are it has a faster dissolving power on milkstone than “conventional” acid cleaners, it will dissolve iron oxides more effectively than conventional acid cleaners and further it is more effective in hard water areas than “conventional” acidic cleaners due to its rapid action on both metal oxides and hard water salts.

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Casein has a wide variety of uses, from being a major component of cheese, to use as a food additive, to a binder for safety matches. As a food source, casein supplies essential amino acids; carbohydrates; and two inorganic elements, calcium and phosphorus.

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CCL 300

CCL 300 is a low foam blend of acids specially designed to remove hard water scale, milk stone and protein deposits from stainless steel equipment found in the food, drinks and dairy industry.

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Serpent is used as final rinse sanitiser and descaler. The features are it eliminates the need for acid descaling, it eliminates erratic water quality problems, the plant does not require rinsing after use, it can be used as a general farm disinfectant and further it has effect against foot and mouth, swine vesicular diseases, tuberculosis etc.

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Cryophos is a 3 in 1 action detergent which cleans, sanitises and descales dairy and bulk tank equipment. Suitable for automatic milking machines with or without programmers and can also be used manually by brushing or dipping. It removes brown iron stains from milk jars and stainless steel equipment.

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Dextrose is a simple sugar and an important carbohydrate in biology. Cells use it as the primary source of energy and a metabolic intermediate. It is one of the main products of photosynthesis and starts cellular respiration. It is a common medical analyte measured in blood samples. In industry, dextrose is used as a precursor to make vitamin C in the Reichstein process, to make citric acid, gluconic acid, bio-ethanol, polylactic acid, sorbitol.

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RIDSTONE is a heavy duty acid detergent which is a concentrated acid milkstone remover powder, designed for completely and effectively cleaning milking machines. When used twice a week after milking, replacing the usual alkaline cleaning on these occasions, the thermoduric count is dramatically reduced due to the complete removal of scale and milkstone build-up. The milking machine surfaces that come in contact with the milk will not be contaminated with the thermoduric organisms.

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Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol that the human body metabolizes slowly. It can be obtained by reduction of glucose, changing the aldehyde group to a hydroxyl group. It is found in apples, pears, peaches, and prunes. It is synthesized by sorbitol-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, and converted to fructose by succinate dehydrogenase and sorbitol dehydrogenase. It is often used in diet foods, mints, cough syrups, and sugar-free chewing gum. It can be used as a non-stimulant laxative via an oral suspension or enema, and like other sugar alcohols with the exception of erythritol, may cause inadvertent GI distress when consuming food products with sorbitol in excess. It works by drawing water into the large intestine, thereby stimulating bowel movements. Sorbitol, combined with kayexalate, helps the body rid itself of excess potassium ions in a hyperkalaemic state. The kayexalate exchanges sodium ions for potassium ions in the bowel, while sorbitol helps to eliminate it. Sorbitol often is used in modern cosmetics as a humectant and thickener. It is used in mouthwash and toothpaste.

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Acesulfame is widely used in various kind of food. It is the most suitable sweetener for soft beverage because of it's high stability and good taste, it can be used in such foodstuffs as sweetener: soft drink, chewing gum, coffee, tea, dairy product analogs, gelatins, pudding desserts, tabletop sweetener and baked food. Acesulfame can be also used in medicine and cosmetics

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