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Natural Graphite Powder

We as a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter have mastered the art of providing Natural Graphite Powder to the customers. Understanding the requirements of customers, we are engaged in offering the best grade. We source the raw material from the most reliable vendors of the industry to manufacture this by utilizing quality assured material. Our offered range is easily accessible in diverse specifications in order to meet the changing demands of the customers.


AP-400 is a water based alkaline degreaser, ideal for a deep cleaning on metal parts, floors and equipment covered with grease, oil, dirt, char and other undesirables accumulations. It should not be used over aluminum, magnesium or their alloys.

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PA95-A is a metal treatment degreaser, used over ferrous materials. It is a powerful cleaning agent for emulsificaion of machining greases/oils. Further it is a biodegradable material.

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PA95-D is a strongly alkaline liquid degreaser, in which formulation includes a series of sequestering, moisturizers and tensoactives that allows a full and effective control over the formation of sludge and salt deposits, that are normally formed during the metal degreasing processes. Greases, oils, machining organic compounds and polishing products are easily removed by it from iron parts surfaces and their alloys , bronze, nickel and copper.

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AARVEE - ET is a cleaning and etching compound for aluminum.

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ASFOCLEAN B is an alkaline degreasing compound. It is mainly used for cleaning of metals prior to anodising, blackening, electroplating, galvanising, phosphating, tinning etc. It removes oils, light grease, dirt, soils etc. very effectively. It can be effectively used prior to electroplating galvanising tinning on all ferrous and non ferrous metals as well as non-metals like plastics, glass etc.

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DST-DEGREEZ degreasers are a documented eco friendly concept for degreasing of all types of metal items from copper and brass to aluminium, steel and cast iron. DST-DEGREEZ products are demulsifying which means that the oil is separated from the washing solution and can be removed from the bath using an oil skimmer.

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ASFOCLEAN SP is a spray degreasing chemical used for cleaning in automatic or spray machines for cleaning of ferrous and non ferrous metal parts.

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ASFOCLEAN-HD is a highly alkaline cleaner used for removal of heavy duty grease, oil, dirt, drawing compounds, and carbon deposits from ferrous metals only. It is used for removal of carbon deposits and burnt oils from pistons, engine blocks etc. and for ferrous parts and components by hot immersion process prior to metal finishing processes.

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ASFOCLEAN-390 is a special deburring compound suited for all kinds of steels and hardened steels. When used in vibrators, agitators, tumblers etc. it will remove all kind of scales, rust, burr and other loose deposits producing a very clean smooth surface. It is used for deburring, descaling and derusting of steel components.

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