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Ceramic Deflocculant

Ceramic Deflocculant are the materials that you add to your slips and glazes to make them smoother, flow a little better, and even apply a little better.In ceramics, and especially in slip casting, clumps and non-homogenous solutions can be problematic. If you are pouring liquid slip into a mold, you want the mixure to be uniform and to flow well. Deflocculants allow this to happen by decreasing the positive electrical charge that can occur between particles that become attracted, or 'flock', to one another. The addition of a deflocculant to a medium, such as casting slip, evenly suspends the particles and causes a more fluid flow.

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REOFLUX is an organic and inorganic polyelectrolite. It is a liquid tailor-made deflocculant for ceramic slips.

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EXALAM P is an inorganic phosphate salt which is a traditional phosphate based powder deflocculant used in many ceramic fields.

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REOTAN D50 is a liquid deflocculant and dispersant for ceramic slips. It can be also used as extender for sodium silicate and sodium carbonate.

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