Leather Defoamers eliminates bubbles, foam formation finished leather mixture



CHEMOL 440Z is a hydrophobic silicone defoamer used to reduce foaming. Reduction of foam usually results in better chemical penetration, distribution, and exhaustion resulting in more uniform leather character and overall performance. This product will not negatively affect water resistance when used properly. Appearance is a viscous translucent non-ionic liquid, and concentration is 100% activity, with a pH of 7.5.

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Defoamer SD

Defoamer SD is a powerful silicone based defoamer / antifoaming agent. it is recommended for prevention, control or elimination of foam in aqueous media.

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Syntho-D-Foam is a powerful Defoamer.It is suitable for Petroleum refining, Textile processing, Leather finishing, Fermentation processes,Oil and antifreeze operation.It is used, where foaming creates intense problems especially where aqueous systems are followed.It prevents formation of foam and if formed then it eliminates it in seconds.

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Atlas Defoamer AFC

Atlas Defoamer AFC is a hydrophobized silicone compound. Since it is effective in concentrations a slow as one part per million, it is one of the most effective and economical defoamers in the textile and leather industries. Atlas Defoamer AFC is used neat or as a mixture with one of the ingredients.

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Rockdefoam DMS-100

Rockdefoam DMS-100 is a dimethyl polysiloxane and silanes based high active silicone defoamer. It is used in aqueous and non-aqueous systems.

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