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TRIOBAN PC 30 (Silicone Based (Liquid) Defoamer) is having 30% solid content and is a PDMD Compound emulsion. TRIOBAN PC 30 is to be added continuously and chemical process in paints and coatings.


TRIOBAN PC 35 is PDMS based defoamer and used for solvent based screen printing. 


TRIOBAN PC 119 (Silicone Free (Liquid) Defoamer) is an acrylic emulsion, acrylic waste reducible, can be suitable for alkyd emulsion and alkyd melamine, also for water based printing inks.

Trioban SD 100

Trioban SD 100 (Silicone Based (Liquid) Defoamer) application include in Chemical Processing ( Paints, inks, Resins, Adhesives, Insecticides), Food processing (Deep fat frying. esterification of vegetable oil, fermentation, yeast processing), Petroleum processing (gas scrubbing, propane deas phalting, vaccum tower units) etc.

Antifoam SSCPL 350 Technical

It is customized defoamer/antifoam for water base application.

We can also supply for oil base application as well. If Prospect require customization as per their requirement, we can do same. 

SILICONE DEFOAMER Industrial Grade 30%

TRICON SDF has very strong ability to suppress the foam and can be used as an antifoam in many applications. It is ecofriendly also as it has no solvent. TRICON SDF is water based and does not effect any property of final product at very low dosage.

Airase 4500

Airase 4500 is an organic oil defoamer designed to eliminate foam, pinholes and entrapped air in water-based paints without generating surface defects. It contains no added mineral oils, HAPs or APEs.

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Patcote 519

Patcote 519 is a specialty defoamer formulated for difficult systems where foam is enhanced by high-foaming acrylics. It is used in industrial coatings, architectural paints etc.

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TRIOBAN VDW is a mixture of renewable oil, hydrophobes and mineral oil.This product also acrylic emulsion, acrylic waste reducible, can be suitable for alkyd emulsion and alkyd melamine also for water based printing inks. TRIOBAN VDW's usage is high in Industrial waste treatment.

Siltech 5821

Siltech 5821 is a unique ethoxylated and propoxylated polydimethylsiloxane. It is a 75% active water dispersible silicone defoamer. By grafting silica directly onto the silicone backbone this product exhibits excellent long lasting defoaming properties without spotting. Product is an excellent defoamer for metal working fluids, pulp and paper, paints, coatings and other applications where dyeing and paintability are important.

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