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GEMPOLYM is widely used as a flocculant to produce liquid solid separation. It is also used in flotation. It acts as a depressant for talc or insoluble gangue mined along with the valuable minerals. It increases the permeability of the filter cake, resulting in an increased filtration rate. It flocculates in an acid environment.

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POLYMAX G30 is a preg-robbing / carbon depressant designed for use in gold beneficiation processes (CIP leaching). It provides blanks graphitic or carbonaceous gangues, preventing them from binding to gold in solution.

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FloMin D 640

FloMin D 640 is a flotation depressant and are used in depressing iron, copper, and lead sulfides.

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UNIMAX SD200 is an iron sulphide (pyrite, pyrrhotite, marcasite) depressant used in the flotation separation of base metal sulphides. Also used as an alternative partial cyanide replacement to depress iron and zinc sulphides in Pb / Zn flotation.

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UNIMAX SD300 is a specialty depressant for pyrite gangue, sphalerite and pyrrhotite in lead and copper flotation systems.

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Florrea D-109

Florrea D-109 is used alone, or in combination with cyanide, for depression of Zn minerals in the flotation of Pb/Zn, Cu/Zn, and Cu/Pb/Zn ores; depression on talc in by-product molybdenum circuit.

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Florrea D-119

Florrea D-119 is widely used in mineral flotation as depressant, dispersant and as controlling agent of some soluble ions.

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Pionera F-100

Pionera F-100 is a flotation depressant with selectivity for Clay, Calcite and Barite.

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Pionera F-200

Pionera F-200 is a flotation depressant with selectivity for Talc.

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Pionera F-250

Pionera F-250 is used as flotation depressant with selectivity for Pyrite.

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