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T-2 is a specially formulated on that basis which do not require acid inhibitors and neutralization. Its designed to remove scale from those hard to get tubes in boilers, steam lines, condenser tubes, recirculating systems such as hot water systems and Chillers, cooling towers, vessels and pipe lines.It is used as industrial descalant used to descale steel and copper. It is used for hard water lime scale (calcium carbonate) removal.

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ARC-1031 is a powerful scale, calcium, and lime and rust remover suitable for use on most materials.It is effective as it will clean and remove calcium and water hardness deposits, or rust and scale off steel within seconds and at room temperature.ARC-1031 is versatile as it can be used in just about any cleaning application where acid base products are used.

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ARC-1032 is an effectively inhibited cleaner, which is formulated to remove deposits in all types of non-potable water systems.It easily removes deposits of calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, and/or iron oxides without attacking the underlying metal surfaces.ARC-1032 form a stable soluble complex with the iron in the deposits.It will electrolytically protects metal surfaces from attack by the de-scaling chemical.

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ARC-1033 is an effectively inhibited blend with corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents designed for cleaning typical heat transfer surfaces in cooling towers and boiler.It will easily removes deposits of calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, and/or iron oxides without attacking the underlying metal surfaces.ARC-1033 converts these deposits into water-soluble salts,iron oxide.


ARC-1035 treatment on heat exchanger neutralizes residual acidity and provides a passive surface on the cleaned metal that resists rusting.

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Sujal-Ci prevents corrosion during acid cleaning of the metal and protection of the surface for certain period where corrosion is likely to be occur.It contains special organic compounds with suitable polymers in it, which creates layer (film) on the surface protecting it from corrosion.It be used on brass alloy, nickel, copper, SS, MS steel.It ncreases metal life thereby increase profitability of the company,prevent accidental collapse of the plant and machinery,decreases frequent shutdowns, periodical cleaning of the surface.

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Sujal-Ds removes scale deposits from boiler/cooling tower, piping system, power plants, equipments.It contains suitable blend of powerful de-scaling agents and specially designed corrosion inhibitors.It increases boiler/pipes capacity to its extreme level in terms of heat transfer and water circulation by removing narrowing/chalking of pipes,prevents breakages, leakages of the pipes and thereby prevents accident hazard,prevents nonscheduled and unwanted shutdown of your plant and so impro­ves profitability.

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Bio Kleen

Bio Kleen will remove various organic contaminants from all equipment,oily surfaces and oil and grease scales.It contains ingredients to help in passivation of steel surfaces to prevent corrosion during boil-out.

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Olklin-DS is used to remove scale deposits from boiler/cooling tower, piping system, power plants, equipments etc


SCALEFLOW is specially developed for removal of hard scales like silicate of calcium, magnesium, sulphates, carbonates.It is supplied in fully inhibited and concentrated form and is to be diluted with water for use.It is specially developed for removal of hard scale.

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