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MCC DEVELOPER is used for neutral-black image tones. It is especially formulated for MCC variable contrast photo paper yielding deepest blacks and extremely well separated mid tones. This developer is formulated for highest quality. It allows a little bit more in all parameters: More capacity, a higher DMAX (about 5-10% ), less fogg and a straighter curve in the mid tones. MCC developer features special additives to prevent silver slurry in developing machines and can be regenerated. It yields neutral-black images tones with warm tone papers or a standard image tone with cold tone papers.

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Sodium Metavanadate

Sodium Metavanadate is used in preparation of many other organic compounds.It is also used for the manufacture of yellow glass; inhibiting UV light transmission in glass; depolarizer; as developer in photography; and as mordant in dyeing and printing fabrics and in manufacture of aniline black in form of ammonium vanadate.

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