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Chemox-DSR is used as dry strength & stiffening agent for agro pulp. It is used to increase the relative bonded area or strength per unit of bonded area between the fibers in a sheet of paper. Properties most likely to be favorably affected include internal bond strength and tensile strength.

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Superbond-FMP is a dry strength resin that increases dry strength properties. It can also be used to boost cationic starch efficiency as well as wet strength efficiency in the sheet. It is widely used to enhance the strength of paper and paperboard in its end use application. They are most often used to supplement the strength of recycled paper or board, since recycling results in loss of paper strength. This anionic resin can be applied to balance wet end system charge. The synthetic dry strength additives are used for improving dry strength properties like tensile, burst, crush or printability.

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VERVIBD-DSR is excellent dry strength resin for paper Industry. It is most suitable product for short fiber pulp like Bagasse, Straw, Waste paper, Bamboo, hard wood etc. VERVIBD-DSR also improves strength properties like brust factor, stiffness, breaking length, ply bonding, tear factor of Kraft, Duplex board and writing and printing paper, VERBOND-DSR gives better sheet formation and also increases machine run ability. VERVIBD-DSR improves retention of fillers and eliminates press picking problem of paper.VERBOND-DSR can be used in all kinds of writing & printing, duplex board, Kraft paper. It may be used after addition of rosin and best addition point is mixing chest Before addition of VERBOND-DSR should be diluted to 20% solution.

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