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AEROSPRAY dust control agent binders are a polymeric soil stabilizer and a dust control agent. It functions to reduce and eliminate surface erosion caused by wind and rain. In addition, it also serves as a suppressant of nuisance dust generated during the transport of dry material created from dry, windy conditions. At low treatment levels, the binders works as an effective binding agent which also forms a surface film coating when used in higher concentrations.

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TERIC G9A6 is a wetting agent designed to be added in the water used for laying dust on haul roads to improve moisture penetration and retention.

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UNBIND 817 is a coal car dust binder effective at binding surface coal dust into a cohesive crust.

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UNBIND 850 is designed for immediate and long-lasting suppression of coal dust. Application points include dryer discharge, conveyor transfer points and loading facilities at mine, port and end user sites.

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hydrochloric acid Industrial Grade 33-35%

1.  Appearance                                             Water white
2.  Hydrochloric Acid % By Mass                  33‐ 35% (33 % Minimum Guaranteed)
3. Specific Gravity                                          1.155 to 1.171
4. Iron ( As Fe)                                                0.5 ppm Max
5. Sulphite                                                      15 ppm Max
6. Free Chlorine, ppm                                     20.00 Max
7. Lead                                                            Nil
8. Mercury (as Hg); ppm                                 Nil
9. Residue on Ignition                                     50 ppm Max
10. Fluoride as F                                            10 ppm Max
11. Dissolved Chlorine                                   20 ppm Max
12. Arsenic                                                     Nil
13. Cadmium                                                  Nil
14. Calcium                                                     Nil
15. Copper                                                      Nil
16. Magnesium                                               Nil
17. Sodium                                                      Nil
Packing & Supply:          250/275 kg HDPE drums UN/IMDG approved.
                                        1150 Kg IBC tank UN/IMDG approved.
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potassium Technical 99.00

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