Dyeing Auxiliaries gives effective dyeing, printing, finishing textile fabrics


Harshol RC

Harshol RC is a newly developed dye reducing auxiliary for reduction clearing of dyeing on polyester, cellulose acetate, viscose and various blends of fabric in acidic medium. Harshol RC has excellent reduction clearing effect on unfixed dyes from the surface of the fabric. Its reduction clearing property of the dye bath containing the unexhausted dyes in the Dye bath to be drained is good. Harshol RC reduces the tendency to release oligomer from the fabric.It saves time, labour, energy, water, chemicals as compared to conventional method.

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Texdye DBL

Texdye DBL is a multipurpose polymeric lubricant which reduces fabric abrasion and helps prevent creasing, rope and running marks during wet processing. Particularly suitable for the dyeing of all types of fabric and garments. The product is a very high molecular weight polymer which provides maximum lubricity in textile processing reducing metal-textile and textile-textile friction. It is non-foaming and therefore suitable for use in jet-dyeing machines.

Texdye LFN

Texdye LFN is a low foam dispersing / levelling agent for use primarily in dying nylon with anionic dyestuffs, but is also suitable for dyeing wool / nylon blends. It functions as a levelling agent both by temporarily blocking the dye sites and by forming a complex with the anionic dyestuff which reduces the rate of uptake of dye by the fibre, thus resulting in consistent level dyeing.

Texdye NWL

Texdye NWL is a universally applicable dispersing and levelling agent for all types of dyes on wool and nylon.

Texdye PDW

Texdye PDW is a multifunctional auxiliary for the dyeing of 100% polyester, polyester blends, wool, polyamide, acetate and acrylic. It is stable in acidic, alkaline and high electrolyte conditions which make it particularly suitable for the single bath dyeing of polyester / cellulose blends.

Texdye RDF

Texdye RDF is an highly cost effective formaldehyde free fixing agent for reactive dyed cellulosic fabrics. It improves wet fastness properties whilst having negligible effect on light fastness. It can also be used to improve fastness on direct dyed shades.


RUCOLAN IVS is a specialty product for protecting indigo-dyed denim against yellowing. It improves the ozone and gas fume fastness properties of indigo-dyed denim.

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RUCOLAN NOD is a specialty auxiliary for heat-setting greige goods made from synthetic fibresh. It prevents the oxidative degradation of amino groups especially with PA/EL articles.

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RUCOLAN PTC is used for PA fibre protection against oxidative attack in the hydrogen peroxide bleach.

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RUCOLAN VGA is a Protective agent against the reaction products of phenolic substances and nitrogen oxides responsible for the yellowing of PA articles during storage.

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