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Sodium Sulfite Industrial Grade 96%

We are a most trusted name among the topmost companies in this business, involved in offering Sodium Sulfite. We offer Sodium Sulfite from Cuddalore and Ankleshwar Plants.

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Sodium Sulfite is used by Pharmaceutical, Leather, Rubber, Paper and Pulp, Galvanizing, Dyes, Tanning, Textile and water treatment Industries.


ECOFIX-02F is a formaldehyde free dye fixing agent for Pigment printing and Pigment Dyeing.

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Polifix-DI is used as an dye fixing agents.

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Polyfix-NF is an eco-friendly dye fixing agent for reactive and direct dyes. It is formaldehyde free dye fixing agent of very high standard, and finds wide application potential during eco-friendly processing of textiles. It can be applied by pad as well as exhaust processes. It is stable to nonionic and cationic products but not compatible with anionic and strong alkali.

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ABROZOL-TCI is high performance diffusion accelerant with good swelling properties for high temperature dyeing of polyester with dispersed dyes.

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DYE FIX-100 is an excellent dye-fixing agent and is widely used as fixing agent for direct dye stuffs on cellulose fiber. It is also used for improving the rubbing fastness of the direct colors to light and washing.

Dupranin MF

Dupranin MF is a concentrated processing aid to reduce creasing and improve fibre-metal running properties, allowing faster fabric rotation and therefore improved dye levelling.

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Duralkan PA

Duralkan PA is a fixing agent to improve wet fastness of acid dyes on nylon.

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EMLEVEL–H is a nonionic leveling agent for dyeing of disperse colours on polyester fibres/fabrics. It is effective in controlling the exhaustion rate of disperse dyes for optimum level-dyed shades. It also improves the dispersion stability of the dye bath. It acts as stripping agent when used in higher concentrations. It can also be used for machine cleaning. It acts to enhance the migration of disperse dyes during their application on polyester, thereby improving leveling effect.

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Polifix-DFA is used as an dye fixing agents.

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