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- Used for manufacturing of Ritonavir (Drug) 
- Used as Key Raw Material for manufacturing of Para Amino Phenol (2-Aminophenol) which is in turn used to manufacture Paracetamol
- Used as a Key Starting Material for Pharmaceutical Drugs & APIs
- Used as an Intermediate for Pharmaceutical Drugs & APIs
- Used along with Formic Acid as a formulation which is widely used as the best Anti-Fungal & Anti-Bacterial for Rubber Sheet Manufacturers during the coagulation process

Hydrochloric Acid >32%

Having received acclamation from all quarters, we, a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter, rank among the top names in the industry.Hydrochloric Acid on offer is available in a wide array. It is manufactured using superior technology and high tech machinery. Safe use, being free from side effects and accurate chemical composition make this offer irresistible. Lay your hands on this wonderful quality at nominal rates.

4-Diethylamino-2-hydroxybenzophenone-2’-carboxylic acid

4-Diethylamino-2-hydroxybenzophenone-2’-carboxylic acid also called ethyl-keto acid is a chemical intermediate for the production of color formers (also called leuco dyes).

FC Acid

FC Acid intermediate for Dyestuff Pigments

Koch Acid

Koch Acid used as dyestuff for coloring leather, textile, and paper.

Gamma Acid

Features: ?Non adulterated ?High pH value ?Safe for use CAS NO. : 90-51-7 M.W. : 239 Empirical Formula : C10H9O4NS Synonyms 2-Amino-8-Naphthol-6-Sulphonic Acid 2-Amino-8-Hydroxynaphthalene-6-Sulphonic Acid 7-Amino-1-Naphthol-3-Sulphonic Acid Form Supplied : Dry Powder Basis For Sale : On Real Content, M.W. 239 EINECS NO: 202-000-8 Molecular Weight: 239-25 Physical Appearance: LIGHT GREY POWDER Coupling Value: 92.00% to 95.00% By HPLC: 96.00% minimum Insoluble (in dilute sodium carbonate solution): 0.15% maximum Dioxy G-acid: <0.1% Broenner's acid: 0.70% maximum Amino G-acid: 0.3% maximum Impurity area: <=2.00% Moisture Contents: 5.0% max Uses: REACTIVE ORANGE 3R & DIRECT BLACK 22, DIRECT BLACK 80 Packing : H. D. P. E. Bags with inside polythene liner. Technical Data ? Description : Light Grey to Grey Moist Material ? Nature of Material : Free Sulphonic Acid ? Strength : @ 65% (Wet Cake), M.W. 239 ? Solubility : Soluble In Dilute Alkaline Solution ? Use : Intermediate For Dye stuffs.


Hydroquinone is a major component in most black and white photographic developers for film and paper where, with the compound metol, it reduces silver halides to elemental silver.

Chloral 99.9

We are offering a wide range of Chloral to our valuable clients. This is a chemical which is also known as Trichloroacetaldehyde, having formula Cl3CCHO. Chloral is a colorless oily liquid which reacts with water to form Chloral Hydrate. This chemical is used in number of drugs for the treatment of various diseases and treatment. Our team of experts are taking care of our quality products. We offer these chemicals to our clients in conductive packings with a warning note outside. These are available at afford rates. 


• CASnumber[75-87-6] • PubChem CID : 6407


• Molecular Formula: C2HCl3O • Molar Mass : 147.388 g/mol
• Density : 1.512 g/cm3 @ 20 oC • Melting Point : -57.5oC • Boiling Point : 97.8 oC
• Solubility in water : Forms soluble hydrate

• Solubility in Ethanol : Miscible

• Solubility in Diethyl Ether : Miscible
• Solubility in Chloroform : Miscible 



4-Chlorophenol is used as an intermediate in organic synthesis of dyes and drugs.

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N-Phenyl J-Acid

N-Phenyl J-Acid is an intermediate For Reactive Dyestuffs


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