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Ginplate PA - 493

Ginplate PA-493 operating solution is used in the pre-treatment cycle after activation and prior to electroless copper plating. Ginplate PA-493 operating solution improves the initial deposition rate of the subsequent electroless copper solution, promoting dense, fine grained deposits.

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Ginplate PC - 236

Ginplate PC-236 is powdered concentrate that is dissolved in deionized or distilled water to make-up and replenish Ginplate Activator high-chloride, low acid concentration operating solutions. It may also be mixed with deionized or distilled water and hydrochloric acid to make pre-dip for use prior to Ginplate Activator operating solutions.

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Gold Pen Plating Solution

Gold Pen Plating Solution is specially formulated for high-speed pen plating application.Gold Pen Plating Solution contain 1 gram Gold content, unless otherwise indicated.

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Gold Powder Industrial Grade 99.9%

Gold powder is a kind of common precious metal, which is ultra fine particles. There are two production methods for ultra gold metal powder, thermal decomposition method and water solution reduction. The first one gets average particle size at 1~2μm. The second one gets average particle size at 0.5μm.

Gold Powder

CAS No.: 7440-57-5 EINECS No.: 231-165-9 Molecular Formula: Au Molecular Weight: 196.97
Melting Point:1064.63℃ Boiling Point:2966℃ Density: 19.31  


Ultra fine Au powder is primary conducting material in excellent conductive paste as thin line gold paste, low temperature gold plasma, gold-palladium, gold-platinum-palladium and gold-silver-palladium.

Gold metal is as gilding material and raw material for gold wire in semiconductor industry.

Groflux 62

Groflux 62 is a proprietary composite product for continuous and batch hot dip galvanizing line of steel. It is economical and efficient for activating metal surface prior to hot dip galvanizing. Groflux 62 provides desirable foam blanket and ensures proper cleaning and activation of continuous steel sheet before entering in molten zinc.

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HS AL 42 DESCALER is an acidic based descaling and activation process specifically for alloy 42 lead frame materials.

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HSTP GR ADDITIVE can be utilized to improve the well-defined grain boundaries of the plating deposit through significant reduction of the existing grain size.

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High Purity Metal Lead Industrial Grade 99.999%

High purity metal lead is bright silvery gray lump, piece or ingot.

High Purity Metal Lead

Purity: 99.999%, 99.9999%

CAS No.:7439-92-1 EINECS No.:231-099-0 Molecular Formula:Pb Molecular Weight:207.19
Density:11.343 Melting Point:327.46℃ Boiling Point:1740℃ Self-ignition Temperature:790℃


High purity metal lead is mainly for electronic,thermoelectric material and semiconductor.

Holmium Foil LAB GRADE 99.9%

holmium foil rare earth metal sheet 

Ho REM 99.9%

distillation method reduction method