Fertilizers are plant enhancers helps plant growth provides essential nutrients



Being a prestigious organization with plenty of positive records, we, as a Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter are instrumental in providing the best Ammonia Liquid.Seabert Chemicals Pvt Ltd's audit team works hard to keep the quality in synchronization with industrial quality standards.It boasts features such as perfect formulation, extended shelf life and free from impurities. Lay your hands on this wonderful quality at nominal rates.


Dicyandiamide is an amine derived from guanidine. It is a dimer of cyanamide, from which it can be prepared. A variety of useful compounds are produced from 2-cyanoguanidine, guanidines and melamine. Dicyandiamide is also used as a slow fertilizer. It is used in the adhesive industry as a curing agent for epoxies.

Calcium Nitrate

Calcium Nitrate is a colorless salt that absorbs moisture from the air and is commonly found as a tetrahydrate. It is mainly used as a component in fertilizers but is found in other applications.

Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric Acid is used for fertilizers, consuming approximately 90% of production. The phosphoric acid also used in soft drink as a preservative.

Ammonium Sulfate

The offered range of qualitative Ammonium Sulfate are highly appreciated among our client. The offered product is processed with utmost care using high grade ingredients to maintain its compliance with the internationally set standards. Also, the product is thoroughly examined on a series of parameters to ensure its purity and quality. Ammonium Sulfate product is used as a fertilizer in inorganic chemical compound.

Potassium Sulfate

Potassium Sulfate is used as a fertilizer.

Aluminum Chloride

This Aluminum Chloride Anhydrous product should be stored in a cool, dry environment and should remain in its unopened and sealed container until use.

Ammonium Molybdate

Ammonium Molybdate is an odourless crystalline compound. It is used as an analytical reagent to measure the amount of phosphates, silicates, arsenates and lead in aqueous solution. Ammonium Molybdate is also used in the production of molybdenum metal and ceramics, in the preparation of dehydrogenation and desulphurization catalysts, in the fixing of metals, in electroplating, in fertilizers for crops and also as a negative stain in biological electron microscopy.

Ferrous Sulfate Heptahydrate

SulfozymeAgro India is expertise in offering high-quality light blue-green colored Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate. Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate which has applications in many industries finds major application in the reduction of chromate in fertilizers, cement industries.

Sodium Salt of 4-Nitrophenol Industrial Grade <80%

Bright Yellow Coloured Free Flowing Crystalline Solid

- Used to manufacture 4-Nitrophenol
- Used as key Raw Material for a product called 'Atonik'
- Used as a key Raw Material for Plant Growth Regulators
- Used as an intermediate in the Pharmaceutical Industry


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