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CYFLOC powder washer flocculants family are high molecular weight powder based product for use in alumina plants to settle red mud slurries. It contains anionic polyacrylamide functional groups with high to medium anionicity.

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GEMPOLYM is widely used as a flocculant to produce liquid solid separation. It is also used in flotation. It acts as a depressant for talc or insoluble gangue mined along with the valuable minerals. It increases the permeability of the filter cake, resulting in an increased filtration rate. It flocculates in an acid environment.

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CYFLOC HX family of flocculants is an emulsion based product for use in alumina plants to settle red mud slurries. It contains hydroxamate functional groups that provide high settling rates, significantly reduced suspended solids in decanter and washer overflow to improving liquor filtration operations and allow the economical processing of bauxite that traditional polyacrylate and co-polymers cannot handle.

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Alclar 600

Alclar 600 is a 100 % anionic medium molecular weight flocculant supplied as a free flowing powder. Alclar 600 has been developed as a red mud flocculant suitable for use in the Bayer Process. It is designed to produce fast settling of the mud whilst maintaining or improving liquor clarity. Alclar 600 is primarily for use on the decanters but can be used effectively throughout the wash circuit. The high anionic content of Alclar 600 make it particularly suitable for use in liquors with high total alkalinity.


CYFLOC BXD bauxite handling and grinding aid is a dry powdered product used to improve the handling of wet bauxite. It functions by absorbing the free moisture content of the bauxite and agglomerating fine particles. It can be applied at the mines site or during the unloading process and helps prevent the build-up of bauxite on surfaces during the loading, unloading and reclaiming of bauxite.

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Alclar 3000

Alclar 3000 is a high molecular weight anionic flocculant supplied as a free flowing powder. Alclar 3000 has been developed as an ultra-high molecular weight red mud flocculant and is designed to produce fast settling rates at lower dose levels than conventional primary flocculant whilst maintaining or improving optimum liquor clarity. Due to the very high anionic content of the polymer, it is primarily used in the initial settling and first stages of washing the red mud, when total alkalinity values are high.

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Alclar 5000

Alclar 5000 is an aqueous solution of polysaccharides. It is designed for the flocculation of fine alumina hydrate. The use of this product gives a much improved rate of sedimentation/filtration and capture of the fine hydrate, particularly at the tertiary thickening stage.


CYFLOC 1200 emulsion washer flocculants are emulsion-based products used to settle mud in the red mud washing circuit of alumina refineries. These products are a combination of acrylamide and acrylate with high to medium anionicity.

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Magnasol AN1

Magnasol AN1 is an anionic flocculant in the from of a solid block which has been specially designed to dissolve slowly in free flowing water and flocculate the associated suspended solids. It is ideally suited for remote locations where electricity is not available.

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CYFLOC TF-8000 hydrate flocculants are anionic products that offer superior performance in flocculating and settling alumina hydrate in the Bayer process hydrate classification circuit. It is an aqueous dispersion of hydroxamated chemistry offering both lower overflow solids and improved underflow rheology at similar or lower dose rate than commonly used Dextran products.

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