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#8 Neutral Floor Cleaner Concentrate

#8 Neutral Floor Cleaner Concentrate has a neutral pH and is safe on most finished floors. It removes dust, dirt, and high traffic grime. No rinse is required and it has a floral fragrance. It can also be used as an all-purpose cleaner.

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ACP-50 is the genuine industrial cleaner formulated to remove heavy accumulations of grease and grime. It is a concentrated and can be diluted to perform many different cleaning jobs such as to clean walls, floors, forklifts, automotive engines, vinyl surfaces, painted surfaces and more.

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Disinfectant Floor cleaner

  • Removes dirt, grease and oil from floor effectively.
  • Provides disinfection for longer duration.
  • Kills microbes actively and effectively.
  • Leaves no residue after cleaning.
  • It does not interact with tile adhesives.
  • Bio degradable.


FineWash  is a liquid detergent - a formulation of anionic & non-ionic surfactants with low foaming qualities.

FineWash  is used for cleaning purpose.  It contains wetting agent that allows rapid penetration to remove fat, oil, grease , petroleum sludge & grime. It can be used for cleaning of woodwork, leather, desk, cleaning of equipments,cleaning of windows, floor & walls.It can be also used for vehicle cleaning and general industrial cleaning purpose.


Multi purpose cleaner

  • Suitable for cleaning food processing equipments.
  • Concentrated, hence less consumption and cost saving.
  • Very effectively cleans all forms of oils, greases, dirt and deposits
  • Non–corrosive and solvent free–safer to use.
  • Effectively cleans floors, walls, counter tops, doors, ceilings, glass, metals and general equipments.
  • Eco friendly.      

PMC 43

PMC 43 is a heavy duty granular food plant floor cleaner designed for removal of tough soils encountered on floors and walls in meat, poultry and seafood processing operations. The concentrated, well built formula insures rapid removal of many soil types. It when used as directed, is safe on virtually all surfaces, including stainless steel, steel, copper, aluminum, concrete, quarry and ceramic tile, plastic and glass surfaces. It contains no perfume or scent agents, enabling its use on floors and walls throughout inspected plants. It is a free-flowing powder formulated with selected alkaline builders, biodegradable organic detergents, corrosion inhibitors and water conditioners.

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Povidone Iodine PVP-I Technical 95% MIN

Key Technical Parameters:


Yellowish-Brown or reddish-brown,amorphous powder


A.A deep blue color is producted.

B.A brown,dry,non-smearing film is formed,

and it dissolves readily in water.

pH Value(10% in water)


Iodide (EP)

6.0% max.

Iodide Ion(USP)

6.6% max.

Loss on drying

8.0% max.

Sulphated Ash(EP)      

0.1% max.

Residue on Ignition(USP)


Nitrogen Content(USP)


Heavy Metals(USP)

0.002% max.

Available Iodine

(Calculated on dried basis)


Applications: 1)Surgical disinfectant for skin and equipments,2)Disinfectant for aquatics and animals,3)Microbicide for food and feed industries,4)Antiseptic for gynecological nursing products,oral care formulations.

Power Scoop

Power Scoop is a heavy duty powdered cleaner for use on unpainted concrete floors, garbage cans and dock areas. It is formulated with quick action penetrants and emulsifiers that readily lift and disperse heavy grease and oil build-up.

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SUB ZERO FLOOR CLEANER is a versatile cleaner and degreaser, which, even under the coldest conditions, has been developed for removing a broad range of soils, greases and oils from any surfaces that water will not harm. It is recommended for use on walls, floors, and doors in freezers and coolers in meat and poultry operations, it may be applied manually, by low pressure spraying, or mopping. It is safe for use in contact with steel, stainless steel, copper, tin, brass, or aluminum, as well as tile, brick, porcelain, plastic and painted surfaces. It is a blend of biodegradable wetting and penetrating agents, detergents, conditioners, and a blend of water soluble, non-volatile solvents.

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floor cleaner Hd

RXSOL-13-1015-025 floor cleaner Hd RXSOL-13-1015-025 is a fully formulated cleaner for cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces in the bathrooms like sink, tub tiles, floor and fittings. This is a scented product and does not contain any acid or bleach. RXSOL-13-1015-025 is safe for use on marble and granite. PRODUCT BENEFITS * Does not cantain any scrapping, hence will not scrach bathroom surfaces. * When use as recommended (for normal soiling), Concentrated RXSOL-13-1015 * RXSOL-13-1015 is useful for removing skin oils, stains, dirt & marks. * Cleans and sanitises is one action. * Bathroom fittings clean and shining USAGE Recommended dilution is: 20 ml.in 1 ltr. Of water. When use a 5% consultation, RXSOL-13-1015 will clean and Sanitise the surface. Spray RXSOL-13-1015 onto clean cloth or sponge. Apply RXSOL-13-1015 to all surfaces to be clean like (sink, tub, tiles etc.) Mildly scrub to clean durt, stains etc. Pay special attention to taps, soap holders and other metal surfaces. The flush handle toilet seat coverand the other bowl need to be clean and wiped with RXSOL-13-1015 After the bathroom floor using RXSOL-13-1015, start from the far end and work back towards the door. For day today maintenance RXSOL-13-1015 can also be use with spray-and-wipe method. PRODUCT DATA Appeance : Orange Clear Liquid Specific gravity @ 25??C : 0.95-1.08 g/cm?? pH (1% solution) : 9.5-11.0 SAFETY The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification. STORAGE Keep in cool dry place. Away from direct sunlight. SAFETY Please keep away from children. Please do not inhale spray, wear suitable gloves. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with huge of water and seek medical advise. Features Heavy Duty Industrial use sanitizing Bathroom fittings clean and shining removing skin oils stains remover dirt remover marks remover Cleans and sanitises is one action Please keep away from children