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AEROFROTH frothers include both alcohol and glycol-based products formulated for optimum effectiveness in all types of flotation systems. This complete line of products, in conjunction with unique collector/depressant chemistries together provide all of the tools for optimized flotation processes.

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Nasfroth X

Nasfroth X is a frother which gives cost effective treatment with good coarse particle recovery whilst maintaining some selectivity.

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Florrea 510

Florrea 510 is widely used as frothers for Sulphides Ores, Non Sulfides Ores, Graphite and Coal.

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Betafroth 20

Betafroth 20 is an alcohol based flotation frother. It is normally used where gangue entrainment is not a problem. Widely used in the flotation of copper sulphides and oxides.

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Dowfroth 200

Dowfroth 200 is a low MW glycol based frother for use in selective fine particle flotation is required.

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Dowfroth 400

Dowfroth 400 is a high MW glycol based frother for use in were coarse particle flotation is required. Product is stable over a broad range of pH.

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Betafroth 206

Betafroth 206 is a low molecular weight glycol methyl ether frother. It is used when gangue entrainment is a problem and process needs a brittle, well-drained froth.

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POLYFROTH H20 is hydrophobic and produces an open froth structure with fine bubbles and loose, brittle froth. Demonstrates fast flotation kinetics and low froth persistence.

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POLYFROTH W55 is a stronger frother with moderate hydrophobicity and improved water retention. Demonstrates strong froth generation and froth persistence, producing well defined bubbles and uniform froth generation down-the-bank.

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Nasfroth FCM 70

Nasfroth FCM 70 is a frother that gives good kinetic and equilibriun recovery whilst maintaining selctivity of the float. Particularly good for Copper / Moly flotation.

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