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DENOL-30 is used as a silver promoters in Lead, Zinc Floatation.

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GEMPOLYM is widely used as a flocculant to produce liquid solid separation. It is also used in flotation. It acts as a depressant for talc or insoluble gangue mined along with the valuable minerals. It increases the permeability of the filter cake, resulting in an increased filtration rate. It flocculates in an acid environment.

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P-10-SCM is used as a silica dispersant (reducer) in lead zinc, copper, gold, iron ores during froth flotation process.

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Tomamine M-43

Tomamine M-43 is a flotation reagent and its application include quartz removal in reverse flotation of iron ore, feldspar and calamine.

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AMULGUM-P-10-D is used as a selective frother which increase grades & recovery of lead, zinc, copper, gold, iron of Sulphide (pyrites) ores in froth flotation process.

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Tomamine M-670

Tomamine M-670 is a flotation reagent and its application include quartz and silicate removal enhancer and co-collector for improved selectivity in many environments.

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Tomamine PA-12

Tomamine PA-12 is a flotation reagent and its application include quartz and silicates removal in reverse iron ore flotation.

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Sodium Sulphide

Sodium Sulphide Molecular formula: Na2S Molecular weight: 78.04 CAS No.: 1313-82-2 H.S. code: 28301010 EINECS No.:215-211-5 Standard: GB42009 Appearance: Thin flakes, yellow or red, soluble water, presenting strong alkaline solution, easily oxidized when exposed to air. Packing packed in 25KG plastic woven bags or 1000kg jumbo bags Usage 1.Dyeing industry: for the production of sulfur dye, green vulcanization, blue vulcanization, reducing agent and mordant for dye intermediates 2.Nonferrous metallurgy industry: as the flotation agent for mineral 3.Leather industry: as the depilation agent for raw hide 4.Paper making industry: as the cooking agent for paper 5.Textile industry: for the reduction of synthetic fiber denitration and nitration as well as the mordant for cotton fabric dyeing 6.Pharmaceutical industry: for the production of febrifuge such as phenacetin 7.Others: for the production of sodium thiosulfate, sodium polysulfide and sodium bisulfide, ect Contact with us: Mr. Wanfu Bai Email: wanfubai(at)gmail.com Skype: baiwanfu520

Sodium Hydrosulphide

Sodium Hydrosulfide (NaHS) 70% Molecular Formula: NAHS Molecular Weight: 56.06 CAS No.: 16721-80-5 CAS Number: 16721-80-5 H.S Code: 28301090 Standard: GB/T19001-2000 Producing Method: NaHS is primarily produced by scrubbing a H2S stream with NaOH, as shown in the following reaction: Hydrogen Sulfide + Sodium Hydroxide = Sodium Hydrosulfide + Water Specification: 1)purty 70 % min, 2)yellow/brown flakes. 3)Na2S - 0.5 % max, 4)Na2CO3 - 1.0 % max, 5)Fe - 0.003 % max, 6)Water insoluble - 0.005 % max. Packing: 1)Flakes: 25kg net in PP bag with PE liner, or 900kg bulk bags; 2)Solid fused: In 150kg or 320kg Iron drums Application: 1)Dyestuff industry used in synthetic organic intermediate and preparation of sulfur dye additives, 2)Leather industry used in raw hide the depilation and tanned leather,Also used in wastewater treatment. 3)Mining industry is used extensively for copper ore dressing Contact detials: Mr. Wanfu Bai Email: wanfubai(at)gmail.com Skype: baiwanfu520

Dithiophosphate BA Technical 95%

Dithiophosphate BA is an excellent collector with frothing performance in flotation of nonferrous metallic minerals. It exhibits specific properties for separating silver, copper, lead and activated zinc sulfide minerals and difficult polymetallic ores. The collective performance of Dithiophosphate BA is weak for the pyrite and magnetizing pyrite, but is strong for the galena in the weak base ore pulp. It is also useful in the flotation of nickel and antimony sulfide minerals and is especially useful in the flotation of nickel sulfide mineral with low flotability, mixture of sulfide-oxide nickel ores and middlings of sulfide with gangue. Dithiophosphate BA is also helpful in recovery of platinum, gold and silver.
The reagent has exhibited weak frothing property. Xanthate with the product instead of floating gold, the gold recovery and concentrate grade and a greater high.

Some commercially important xanthate salts include:
sodium ethyl xanthate CH3CH2OCS2Na,
potassium ethyl xanthate, CH3CH2OCS2K,
sodium isopropyl xanthate
sodium isobutyl xanthate
potassium amyl xanthate


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