Fluid Loss Control Additives are designed offshore, onshore oilfield cementing applications



CA-FL7 is used as a organic polymer fluid loss agent/retarder.

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SOL HEC is a high quality non-ionic polymer used especially for increasing brine viscosity. It is also used for fluid loss control.

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REDI-DRIL is a series of one-bag products designed to be provide viscosity. It is even carrying capacity and fluid loss to any type of make up water system.

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CHEMSOL CMC is a water soluble polymer made from cellulose through chemical modification. It used in conjunction with Bentonite where low-solids muds are desired.

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CHEMSOL HEC L polymer is a non-ionic high molecular weight hydroxyl ethyl cellulose (HEC) designed specifically to enhance the rheological properties of water-based and polyvalent brine fluids. It is used in the work-over fluids, special applications in fracturing fluids.

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Premiol DWC-50

Premiol DWC-50 is a powder-form fluid loss control additive for deep well applications that delivers high temperature performance (up to 150°C) at cost levels below traditional high molecular weight polymers.

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Premiol MRC-33

Premiol MRC-33 is a powder-form fluid loss control additive for mid-range temperatures in oilfield cement applications. It is having adjustable rheology,easy to handle and design and it can mixable at high densities.

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Premiol OSC-10

Premiol OSC-10 is a proprietary water-based, fluid loss control additive designed for offshore cementing or onshore applications where liquid delivery is desired. Premiol OSC-10 offers a better environmental profile than typical mineral oil-based products.

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Blended Asphalt

Blended Asphalt product which can effectively control and reduce mud filtrate in both water-based and oil-based fluids systems. Blended Asphalt filtration control agent disperses without the aid of wetting agents. It does not change formation wettability and so has particular application in reservoir fluids systems designed. It is the principal filtration control additive in the all-oil coring fluid and can be used in temperatures approaching 400°F (204°C). It can promote borehole stability, compatible with oil-based and water-based fluids, and can minimize differential sticking.

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VISFLO (REGULAR) VISFLO (REGULAR) is a high viscosity polyanionic cellulose (PAC) polymer. VISFLO (REGULAR) functions as an excellent fluid loss reducing agent for a variety of water base muds.

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